THE BALKANS – Revolutionary camp to develop the struggle

In the Balkan area there was organized a revolutionary camp, which was attended by revolutionaries and antifascists from Eastern- and Middle Europe. The camp was an important sign of the joint struggle against imperialist exploitation and oppression, for joint strengthening of forces and discussion.

With the aggravation of the General Crisis of Capitalism the contradictions are sharpening, warmongering of the imperialists is increasing in the region of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. What we see in Ukraine since 2014, the increasing interference of Western imperialists in Belarus, the plans of redistribution of the Balkan countries … that all shows the great necessity of unity and joint struggle of the revolutionaries in middle-, eastern Europe and the Balkans. Since aggravation of the crisis people‘s protests increase, as well as the deep need for revolutionary organizations to give them direction. To develop leadership within the peoples protests and movements it needs the joint struggle, the revolutionary theory and unity which is expressed in organization.

The „Party of Labour“ (Partija Rada) from Serbia expresses in its statement that the revolutionaries as the representatives of the working class and sectors of the masses which are oppressed by the dictatorship if the capital, came together in order to struggle for the synthesis of the revolutionary line with todays historical circumstances. They state that it needs a united revolutionary movement for the resistance against capitalism and imperialist enslavement and for the destruction of the ones who hold chauvinism and the imperialist servants. []

That such a camp is organized shows the joint will of struggling in service of the working class and the oppressed peoples and nations. This will has to be formed within the joint struggle to become a effective force in the struggle against imperialism!