Poland / Belarus - Further escalation in the border area

For several weeks now, the situation in Belarus at the Polish borders has been getting worse and worse. More and more refugees travel to the external border to Poland and hope there for safety and protection. But it quickly became clear that no security and no protection can be expected here. Thousands of armed security forces with water cannons and tear gas were already waiting for the refugees. It is the inter-imperialist contradictions that are currently expressed at this border.

In the bourgeois press it is claimed that Lukashenko sends the refugees to the border to destabilize the situation because of the sanctions imposed by the EU imperialists. But one thing is very clear, that this heated atmosphere is not between Belarus and Poland, but between Russian imperialism and the EU imperialists with Germany in the lead. In contrast to the "destabilization" as the media write, which Lukashenko is striving for - it is rather the EU imperialists who are striving for the destabilization of Belarus. Any means will do. Those who pay for it are the masses, whose option is neither Lukashenko and Russia, nor submission to the "Western" imperialists.

The situation in Poland seems to escalate, thousands of forces are ready. And the situation is also being prepared for further escalations. Thus last week in Poland a law was decided that the movement and press liberty in the border regions can restrict temporarily completely. The puppet governments and good servants of the imperialists are rightly afraid of the anger of the masses!