MONTENEGRO - Growing influence of chinese imperialism

The influence of China's Imperialism increases in the world. Especially in oppressed countries it is showen with so call "financial help". So in Montenegro, they got 944 million dollars. This method of China through financial means to strengthen their influence in certain regions is becoming more and more. It is becoming clearer and clearer that this serves their plan of the "new Silk Road".

The "financial help" to Montenegro serve to build a highway from the Serbian border in the north to the port in Bar in the south of Montenegro. Last month, Montenegro repaid $33 million to China, as announced by the Minister of Finance Milojko Spajic. However, paying back the entire amount will be difficult for Montenegrin government as they have a gross domestic product of 4.9 billion euros.

Thus, the government has already sought help from the EU, which will further aggravate the inter-imperialist contradiction in the country in general. The main victims will be the masses of people in Montenegro!