GERMANY - Railroad workers on strike

In Germany, railroad workers went on strike for three days to demand a 3.2% wage increase and a €600 Corona bonus. The strike particularly affected passenger traffic in Germany as many trains did not run. But this strike also had its effects on neighboring countries, in the transport of goods as well as in passenger transport.

Even if the workers have to be careful of reactionary and bought union leaders to achieve their goals, the first strike was successful and showed what great power can be developed. The union of German railroad workers (GDL) want to continue the strike if their demands are not met. But after all, inflation is at 3.8% this year, which means the demand to increase wage should be at least at that level.

The strike of the railroad workers in Germany is a justified measure, all attempts to divide the working class must be countered and the worker's struggle must be resolutely continued - this would be a good signal to all other industries!