FRANCE/AUSTRIA – Solidarity Initiatives founded for support of the LCP in Brazil

In this article we want to introduce to our readers two important solidarity initiatives which were founded as the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) of Brazil announced a call for international solidarity, in order to prevent a planned massacre on the struggling peasants in the Camp Manoel Ribeiro. The two initiatives in France and Austria are an important sign of international solidarity, to develop solidarity in order to strengthen the democratic and antiimperialist forces as supporters of the just struggle of the poor and landless peasants against big landownership and imperialism.

France: Committee New Brazil

In the following video you can see activities from the Committee New Brazil, which organized an action at the Brazilian Consulate in Lyon, to denounce the reactionary campaign of the Governor of the State of Rondônia against the peasants. Also pictures from the struggle of the LCP in Brazil are shown in the video.

Activists of the Committee New Brazil stuck posters, where it is written „Solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil“ and „Long live the „LCP“. On small posters there was written „Down with the butcher of Santa Elina“, long live the revolutionary peasant movement! Brazil is at the dawn of a great revolution!“.

Also before there were activities in the city of Lyon, where banners and leaflets were used to spread the justified demands in solidarity with the peasant movement in Brazil. Here is the Link for the Webpage of the Committee:

Austria: Brazil Solidarity Initiative

Since the international call for solidarity from the LCP, democratic, antiimperialist and revolutionary forces founded the “Brazil Solidarity Initiative” and published a “Call against the planned massacre at Camp Manoel Ribeiro: Prevent the massacre of the poor peasants!“. The call is signed by 27 personalities from Austria: Trade Unionists, Journalists, Scientists, Artists, Authors and many more. Also catholic initiatives signed the call. The signatures show the broad solidarity which was developed in Austria and is an important sign to prevent the massacre and support the struggle of the poor and landless peasants in Brazil. Here is the Link for the Webpage of the Initiative:

Also many solidarity activities were organized and a manifestation was held in front of the Brazilian embassy in Vienna, which was supported by personalities and activists of the initiative. We also want to underline the solidarity from small peasants in Austria, which published a solidarity statement and made support actions.

To develop international solidarity also as part of developing the unity and struggle of the oppressed and exploited in the own country is an important part of proletarian internationalism. The solidarity initiatives which we introduced show, that the workers and democratic personalities from the imperialist countries stand shoulder to shoulder with the struggle of the poor and landless peasants of Brazil, supporting their struggle against feudalism, imperialism and bureaucratic capitalism.

Long live international solidarity!