FINLNAD - Determined anti-fascist demonstration.

"No peace for the fascists!", under this slogan the demonstrators resolutely opposed fascism in Helsinki on September 25.

More than 100 people demonstrated against a fascist gathering. They made their position clear by shouting slogans such as "No Nazis to Helsinki!", "No peace for the fascists!" and "Death to fascism, freedom to the people!".

As part of a large-scale demonstration, a Marxist contingent carrying hammer and sickle flags, along with the most active part of the demonstration, played the role of front-line fighters holding up the red flag in the anti-fascist struggle. In fact, fascists and their stooges had to give a great credit in their own coverage to the role of Marxists in the anti-fascist resistance. The assembly of fascists had to devote their attention to the resistance and was severely disturbed from holding their event.

"The day was a clear political and moral victory for the anti-fascists," as stated on the revolutionary news site!

Death to fascism! Freedom to the people!