FINLAND - Solidarity with the LCP

In Finland, an initiative founded in solidarity with the struggle of the poor peasants in Brazil, it's blog can be found under the following link:

On 18 June, a successful rally was organized to defend the LCP. Below we publish a report about it, from the revolutionary Finnish side Punalippu:

Mobilization in solidarity with the LCP in the city of Tampere

On a sunny summer day in the centrum of the City of Tampere a mobilization was held in solidarity with the revolutionary movement of the poor peasants in Brazil.

A speech was heard in which the Brazilian federal government and the government of the state of Rondonia were denounced and their wreched crimes against the League of the Poor Peasants and its efforts for the criminalization of the struggle for land; including assassinations and illegal raids to peasant homes. Special attention was given to the four poor peasants Ezequiel, Luis Carlos, Estefane and Ricardo who are being jailed by the reaction. The speech highlighted the heroic resistance in the battle of Santa Elina and proclaimed solidarity for the revolutionary movement of the poor peasants in Brazil and the justified struggle for land.

Out in the open were slogans like “Solidarity for the revolutionary movement of the poor peasants in Brazil! Viva a LCP!”, signs showing support for the jailed four peasants and sings saying: “Marcos Rocha is a murderer!” and “Cisneiro Pacha is a murderer!”

11 people attended the mobilization.

Even a police unite showed up at the scene for a little moment.

The mobilization ended in a vibrant shout: “VIVA A LCP!”

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