BULGARIA - Protest in front of the U.S. Embassy

On May 11, an open assault on the national sovereignty of the Republic of Bulgaria was carried out by U.S. soldiers who stormed a factory, harassed and intimidated workers. It was not until a week later that it became known what was happening. On Friday, the organization "23 September" organized a rally in front of the U.S. Embassy in the capital Sofia to demonstrate against this open provocation.

The call for the rally said that the soldiers, in full combat gear, illegally entered the Cheshnegirovo factory in Plovdiv. They endangered the lives and health of Bulgarian workers and violated Bulgarian law.

In the media this incident was presented with a wink, jokes were made about it. But not only that it was not in any way amusing for the workers, but it is a coincidence that no damage was caused, this is not an isolated case. This is the consequence of the fact that foreign troops are stationed on Bulgarian territory!

The US imperialism uses Bulgaria for its bloody raids - of course to the disadvantage of the Bulgarian masses!

Justified a protest was held last Friday in front of the US embassy in Sofia - against the main enemy of the peoples worldwide!

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