BALKANS - Tributes to the Chairman Gonzalo

In the Balkans revolutionaries and proletarian forces have took firmly position on the assassination of the Chairman Gonzalo. It shows that that light of Gonzalo Thought also shines in the Balkans and the immortal achievements also there finds its recognition and honor.

The revolutionary organisation "Movement 23th of September" from Bulgaria raises the red Banner of Chairman Gonzalo with the slogan "Chairman Gonzalo is immortal!" We want to quote the Bulgarian Comrades and document a picture they published:

"It is with sadness that we announce the death of Chairman Gonzalo, founder of the Peruvian Communist Party "Shining Path". Ideologist of Maoist theory and fighter for socialism. He died yesterday in prison, following the authorities' inaction over his deteriorating health. CHAIRMAN GONZALO IS IMMORTAL!"

The "Partija Rada" from Ex-Yugoslavia shortly after the murder of Chairman Gonzalo published a declaration, where they hold high the legacy of Chairman Gonzalo and his great impact for the revolutionaries all around the world.

On the occasion of the death of Comrade Gonzalo

The Party of Labor considers the Comrade Abimael Guzman – Chairman Gonzalo as a great communist revolutionary and theorist of the proletariat. A great friend of the oppressed peoples and a determined fighter against imperialism and revisionism. Gonzalo crossed the magnificent road as a militant revolutionary, starting from small Marxist circles as a professor of philosophy, until the leadership of the Communist Party of Peru. As firm Marxist, Gonzalo has actively participated in the formation of party organizations across Peru, on the basis of his decisive writings, Marxist spirit and unlimitid determination to the proletarian ideology.

The National War which was initiated by the Communist Party of Peru, under the leadership of the Comrade Gonzalo, occurred at the time of the Grand Crisis for the Communist Movement. Socialism in China fell after the revisionist clique victory, the USSR was already transformed into the social-imperialist country. Around the world, communist parties have been disorganized under the influence of auditiveness and dogmatism. In such circumstances, the fellows of Gonzalo with the Communist Party of Peru raises the flag of the revolution and that huge act becomes inspiration for the revolutionary groups of many countries.

Only after more than ten years of the National War, the Peruvian state could arrest the Chairman Gonzalo. Since then, he has been exposed to ongoing attacks not only on his health, but also on his character by Peruvian reactionists. Still, Gonzalo never dropped his fist. He continued his struggle against imperialism and reactionaries holding power in the state. And no matter how hard they tried, they could never break him!

Gonzalo was imprisoned at the Maximum Security Center in the sea base of Callao, completely isolated from the outside world and spent almost 30 years in such conditions. Still, his revolutionary spirit was never extinguished. Gonzalo remained faithful to communism and the struggle of the proletariat as long as his heart was still beating.

Long live the legacy of Comrade Gonzalo!