BALKANS - For the right of self-determination of the people!

In April of this year, a so-called "non-paper", a strategy paper on the redistribution plans of the imperialists in the Balkans, emerged and caused a great stir. In that paper a redivision and border shift of some Western Balkan states is planned.

Non papers are strategy papers of the ruling policy, which are not officially drawn. They can be understood as guidelines on certain issues and reflect the interests of the respective imperial powers, which, in this case, are pursuing a goal in the redistribution of spheres of influence. Non papers are often used to check political moves in advance to see how they will be received and how they will be resisted. Even if it is obvious in which interest non papers are written, they do not bear an official character, no letterhead, no address data and no signatories, thus they are tantamount to a "trying out", "peeping" or targeted provocations.

Such papers on the political situation and alignments in the Balkans have appeared repeatedly in recent years, but this one from April goes particularly far. The portal published the paper, which, not without reason, triggered a massive media response in the affected regions. Not only that, but numerous statements and meetings of the respective heads of state and ministers followed. The reason for this was that the implementation of the plans set out therein would completely change the political situation in the former Yugoslavia - and provoke a reactionary war of renewal. According to these plans, Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as Kosovo, would be de facto dissolved.

Although no one has claimed responsibility for these papers, their authenticity has now been proven. What is also striking is that they correspond exactly to the proposals of former CIA Director Stephen Mayer. Mayer is now a "policy advisor" in Bosnia and Serbia, he had already voiced the plans of the current non-papers in an interview in 2017.

Historically, this would be nothing new, as the Balkan wars from 1991 to 2001 were already a war of redistribution in the interests of the most imperialist forces. Even then, borders were drawn arbitrarily, ethnic groups and nationalities were torn apart, and enough material was created for new so-called "trouble spots." Who profited at that time? It was the western imperialists of the USA and EU, who still profit from their stables of supremacy and plunder. First of all the USA, Germany, France, Austria. They profit from the labor force they extract in the respective countries, as well as from the exploitation of the workers in the respective countries. In addition, what especially the USA with large-scale NATO exercises clarifies, it is an important deployment area of imperialitic contradictions.

The imperialists are in a race for their influence and who profits more from the masses of this region. This is increasingly opposed by the masses, who are no longer willing to put up with it. This includes mass protests, large anti-government movements, strikes, revolts, and even armed actions. Therefore, the imperialists are increasingly spreading their "nationalist poison" again, dividing them with nationalities, religions, and so on.Most recently, this became clear in Macedonia, where the conflict with Greece and the naming of the country, as well as the conflict with Bulgaria in relation to the drawing of the border, was again stirred up. This "poison" is strewn between the peoples - in order to direct the anger not against the Imperislisten, but against the neighbors! Of course conflicts are used for it which already lie partly long in the history back.

In addition an ever more deeply becoming crisis of the USA and EU imperialists becomes apparent. Example for it are the imperialists of the EU, which hardly get on with their plans of the EU east extension. Croatia became the last member - and that already in 2013. In addition, Russian and especially Chinese imperialism are massively expanding their influence.

The proposal of the new border demarcation of the Non Paper shows a tendency, a tendency that is underlined, however, by, for example, the large-scale NATO exercise "Europe Defender", as well as the Silk Road project of China. The inter-imperial contradictions are intensifying, in the framework of which the Non Paper once again clearly shows the tendency towards the next war of redistribution, the next reactionary imperialist war that is being prepared in this region. Every Marxist knows that in imperialism every peace is always only temporary and always only the preparation for the next reactionary war, as Lenin teaches. Decisive and this is especially true today for the revolutionaries, the workers and the masses in the Balkans, is the firm union, is the determined struggle for national independence, the New Democratic Revolution which is directed against the imperialist occupation, which will put an end to its arbitrary border demarcations once and for all! For this, it needs the union of the communists and revolutionaries, internationally and concretely in those regions, between those from the imperialist, as well as the oppressed peoples and nations!

Defend the right of self-determination of the people of the Balkans!