BALKAN - Thousands stand against Israel's attacks!

The recent murderous aggression of Israel against the Palestinian masses has rightly brought condemnations, protests and anger to the streets of many cities in the Balkans. Many Palestinians living here, as well as people in solidarity, protested against Israel's bloody attacks and its threats of a full invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Already on May 12, about a hundred Palestinians demonstrated on Republic Square in Belgrade, displaying or shouting slogans such as "Liberate Palestine".

In the capital of Montenegro Podgorica, also on May 12, a demonstration was held in support of the Palestinians in Gaza.

In Bucharest, Romania, there was a call for a demonstration on May 15.

In Kosovo, in the capital Pristina, a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people was held on May 14. Among others, a dozen of supporters of a feminist group expressed solidarity with Palestine and condemned what they consider "ethnic cleansing by the state of Israel."

"Israeli fascism and chauvinism continues ethnic cleansing," the marchers told the media, adding that due to the "attacks and violence used by the Israeli authorities this week alone, a total of 24 Palestinians were killed, including nine children, and hundreds were injured."

The violent evictions in Jerusalem from the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, the attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the bombing of Gaza, were the latest bloody attacks by Israel against Palestine. The national and international reaction to this aggression was rightly enormous!

Free Palestine!

No to the annexation of Palestinian land!