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AUSTRIA - Strong demonstration in honor of Chairman Gonzalo!

On September 17, only six days after the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo, a well-attended event was held in Vienna, Austria, followed by an enormously powerful demonstration.

The event was organized by the Austrian Committee of the Campaign to Defend the Life and Health of Chairman Gonzalo and by the Austrian section of Partizan. The event began with revolutionary songs from Peru. Appropriately, there was a small exhibition of photographs of murals from the Peruvian Revolution and a selection of posters from the 1980s on, all expressing solidarity with the People's War, revolutionary prisoners and Chairman Gonzalo. The main part was made up of several short commemorative speeches to Chairman Gonzalo, with the Campaign Committee indicating that the campaign will continue, but now under different conditions, following a call from the Popular Movement Peru (MPP). The 50 attendees ended the mourning ceremony by singing the Internationale together.

After the exhibition and event ended, the visitors set out together for a demonstration in front of the Peruvian Embassy, which was also called for by Partizan and the editorial collective of Vorbote magazine. This demonstration was even better attended than the event. More than 70 people participated, raising their voices in condemnation of the cowardly murder of Chairman Gonzalo. The fact that the march and rally in front of the Embassy were held in the dark evening with torches gave the action a particularly strong expression. The Peruvian Embassy confirmed the fear that the reactionaries have of Chairman Gonzalo: when the demonstration reached its destination, the Embassy turned off the lights in the building and pretended that no one was there. At the same time, behind the dark windows, one could still see the shadows of the representative of the old Peruvian state as they watched the demonstration. But they did not gather the courage to show themselves. The revolutionaries who held the rally took this as a confirmation of their cause and said that this behavior of the reaction was another sign of the excellent and great role that Chairman Gonzalo played. The demonstration was loud and exceedingly powerful. Through the alleys and streets around the Peruvian Embassy, the chants could be heard: Chairman Gonzalo is immortal!, Long live the Communist Party of Peru!, Long live the People's War! Long live Maoism!, Long live International Solidarity! and other slogans were shouted very frequently. With this first red demonstration on the occasion of the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo, a significant and powerful sign was set in any case to defend and uphold his life and work, his importance for communists everywhere in the world! It was an important contribution to proletarian internationalism and to the International Communist Movement.


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