AUSTRIA - Rally against NATO Troop Transport

On June 18, a rally took place in Austria in front of a small barracks near Vienna, where a huge amount of war material was collected for the NATO maneuver "Defender 2021". In the course of "Defender 2021", a maneuver for provocation and warmongering against Russian imperialism, this year alone 800 vehicles and 2000 soldiers were transported from Germany through Austria to Hungary and Slovenia.

In order to protest against this NATO maneuver, as well as the support by Austrian troops, a NATO flag was symbolically torn at the rally. A speech by anti-fascist activists stated, "So let's resist warmongering and military transports over Austrian soil. Let us fight for every measure that helps to regain neutrality and to fill it with life again. Against the political course of rearmament and militarization - Down with the ruling imperialist system!"

Death to imperialism! Down with NATO!


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