AUSTRIA - New Marxist Propaganda Journal

We want to refer to a new marxist-leninist-maoist propaganda Journal in Austria: “Vorbote – Für Weg und Ziel der revolutionären Bewegung” ("Harbinger - For the way and goal of the revolutionary movement"). It was released on the 24th of September, the anniversary of the historic speech of Chairman Gonzalo.

On the occasion of release the editors state: "Originally, the work we are starting with this homepage was to be given to the revolutionary public as a contribution to the international campaign in defense of the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo. The insidious and unforgivable assassination of Chairman Gonzalo on September 11, 2021 by the reactionary Peruvian state and imperialism could not stop this campaign. The communists leading it, understood how to reorient it as a campaign in defense of the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Thought in the given conditions and thus inflicting an important defeat on the reaction. We want to support this campaign resolutely and with all our strength, which is why we see the work of this homepage as a decisive contribution to it and why we are making this organ accessible to the revolutionary public for the first time with September 24, 2021, the international day of action on the 29th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo's great speech. We expressly welcome this day of action and thank the Communist Party of Peru and the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction) for the valuable initiative of calling for it."