AUSTRIA - First ATIGF Youth Camp Successfully Held

As it was reported, the first youth camp of ATIGF (Austrian Turkish Workers and Youth Federation) was successfully and enthusiastically held in Vienna this weekend.

This youth camp was called by the board of ATIGF, within the framework of the set goals with the perspective of focusing on the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggle. Besides the participation mainly from Austria, from ATİGF board members, PGİ/MLM activists, Group Rebellion Fire also participated. There were workshops on anti-imperialism, anti-fascism and organization. This included: Content and results of resistance and struggle against fascism , struggle against German fascism, anti-imperialism and refugees. There were many serious discussions among the young people, also about their experiences. It is evaluated as a successful weekend, which was concluded by the youth with loud shouting of revoutionary slogans!