AUSTRIA - First actions on the occasion of the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo.

After the shocking news of the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo reached proletarian revolutionaries in Austria, they obviously did not let a minute pass and took first actions to pay tribute and honor to the Chairman Gonzalo. With spontaneous demonstrations, the cruel, despicable assassination was spread through slogans and banners in a working class neighborhood in Vienna. Slogans such as "Long live Chairman Gonzalo and the immortal Gonzalo Thought!" and "Down with opportnism and revisionism!" expressed the great role Chairman Gonzalo plays for the revolutionaries and communists, the leadership he gave, which the reaction cannot take away from the oppressed and exploited even through his assassination. Among the passers-by, the spontaneous demonstration attracted much attention and encouragement, according to the dispatch, some apparently even applauded the spontaneous demonstration.

(The editorial staff thanks for sending the pictures and information).