SAHEL-ZONE – Sahel Conference manifests imperialist aggression

End of June the Sahel Conference of the G5-Sahel-group took place in the city of Nouakchott. The presidents of the G5-Sahel Mauretania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Tschad took part, as well as the imperialist aggressors, who mainly control the decisions of that regions: France with its president Emmanuel Macron and representatives of European Union. Macron promised that the French troops will stay as long as it is needed in the region and though there is Corona-Virus the „struggle against terrorism“ will not stop. Spanish president Pedro Sánchez explains the interests of the imperialists of European Union, that they will fulfill the tasks of „economical security, security from terrorism and humanitarian aid“. After the meeting there was a video-conference with German chancellor Angela Merkel and EU-representative Charles Michel, which underlines that there are not decisions taken without all the „big bosses“, wanting to provide „good“ conditions for exploitation and gaining extra-profit from the suppressed countries in the G5-Sahel-zone. That there is no „stop“ of „fight against terrorism“ during Corona-times, just means that although there is a deadly virus threating the lives and health of the peoples, imperialist war is being extended by the imperialists, in order to implement their interests. Especially in the situation of aggravation of political and economical crisis, the imperialists try to intensify control and repression, because of fear that the social tensions will erupt against the order of imperialists aggression. Especially in the Sahel-zone, and in particular in Mali, the protest and resistance against imperialist occupation increased a lot in the last years. It is not a secret that the presence of imperialist troops (French and also German) led to the rise of „terrorist attacks“, to attacks against the peoples and a chaotic and worse situation in the country. Only in the past six months there were 4.500 people killed by different armed forces and the Corona-virus pandemic aggravated the situation. The deployment of the imperialists troops and imperialists aggression is not to improve the situation for the people, but it is to control the country more and more, regardless of the consequences of thousands of killed people, not to mention insecurity, fear, starvation, etc... Another important fact, which shows that the bad situation is aggravated by the imperialists themselves, is the imperialist war in Libya. The Sahel-conference also mentioned the situation in Libya as a threat for the „security“ in the Sahel-zone. What, of course, they didn‘t mention is that the war in Libya is a war, led by the imperialists in order to struggle who will hold the power in the war-torn country. France is one of the main players in the war situation and sends arms and support to destroy the country and kill the people. That is another fact which shows, that the „insecure“ situation is not a „terrorist problem“ in the main point, but the result of how imperialists lead war in those countries. That is why the G5-sahel-conference has nothing to do with the interests of the African countries, it is a conference of the imperialists and their lackeys, bringing further misery and suffering to the people in the region.

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