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AFRICA - Many demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine against Israel's attacks

Here we have collected pictures from demonstration in African countries, to show the solidarity with the current struggle in Palestine against further expansion of settler-colonialism. The result of the heavy attacks until today are 120 dead and 630 injured people. The international solidarity around the world with the justified struggle against imperiliasm and settler-colonialism is an important sign for the oppressed people.

In South Africa there were demonstrations in Sandton, Johannisburg and Cape Town. In Sandton the protesters rallied outside the Israel Trade offices. Thousands of protesters gathered in Cape Town shouting "End the occupation" and "Free Gaza, free Palestine" and marched to the parliament in Cape Town.

In Morocco, the Protesters marched in the capital city of Rabat and carried Palestinian flags.

People in the capital city of Sudan, Khartoum, demonstrated against Israel's actions in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

Also in Kenya, Nairobi, there were protests in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. The police attacked the demonstration and used violence and tear gas against the protesters. Several protesters were arrested.

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