INTERNATIONAL - Report: Homage to Chairman Gonzalo from more than 26 countries

The cruel and fascist assassination of the beloved Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the International Communist Movement, the Communist Party of Peru and the Peruvian Revolution, fulfilled the Revolutionaries and Communist around the world with deep hateress against the endless crimes of imperialism. But the great and various actions and activities around the world in defence and honor of the leadership of Chariman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, showed with great strength: the communists and revolutionaries take up the task which Chairman Gonzalo gave them, that it is Maoism which has to be the sole guide and command of the new great wave of Proletarian World Revolution. The various actions unmasked also the shy lie of the imperialist reaction, that "With Gonzalo dies also the Gonzalo-Thought" - the activities showed that Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought shines and lives in the struggle of the proletaritat and peoples of the world, led by the Communist Parties, in their struggle for the New Democracy, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and their final march to Communism!

Of international importance there have to be highlighted the powerful declaration of the People's Movement Peru (MPP), published on the 12th of September.

Chairman Gonzalo has won a great political, military and moral victory for Maoism, for the Communist Party of Peru, for the people’s war, for the democratic revolution on the uninterrupted march to socialism and communism, for the class, for the Peruvian people and the peoples of the world, for the international communist movement. September 11 will be remembered by all the communists of the world for this great historical significance of universal scope.

The international declaration of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations all around the world on occasion of the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo states:

There can be no doubt that the figure of Chairman Gonzalo is that of a giant of the international proletariat, his work is immortal and will live forever.
Today the communists of the world close the ranks around the PCP and honour Chairman Gonzalo by lending all our efforts to support the General Reorganisation of the Communist Party of Peru in order to give a great impulse to the development of the People’s War. We know that our comrades, as continuators of the revolution forged by Gonzalo, are struggling tenaciously to accomplish that task in the midst of the People’s War and we are fully convinced that the more they stick to what Chairman Gonzalo has established, the more rapidly they will solve the pending problems. It is our red flag that is flying in Peru and we defend it as such.

Following we document Statements, Declarations and Actions wordlwide on homage to Chairman Gonzalo from 26 countries and will update it continously:



In Brazil various powerful activities were carried out in honor to Chairman Gonzalo, the great leader of the Proletarian World Revolution, unter the slogan: "Chairman Gonzalo Lives! Long lives Gonzalo Thought!". The "Revolutionar"Chairman Gonzalo Lives! Long lives Gonzalo Thought!"y Front for the Defense of the Rights of the People" (FRDDP) made a Video entitled 'Eternal Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo'. The FRDDP states that "the Brazilian revolutionaries and the popular masses under his direction are firmly united with all the revolutionaries of the world".

The League of Poor Peasants (LCP) together with the Popular Womens Movement (MFP) carried out in different parts of the country activities under the slogans: "Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his almighty gonzalo thought! Chairman Gonzalo is immortal! Down with imperialism and reaction! Down with the traitorous and capitulant rats of the LOD!"

All around the country dozens of wall paintings were made with the united slogan "Chairman Gonzalo Lives! Long lives Gonzalo Thought!"

Especially is to highlight the call of the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction) together with the Communist Party of Peru, for an international day of action on occasion of the anniversary of the historic speech of Chairman Gonzalo. Revolutionaries and Communists all around the word followed this call, which is an expression of the great weight wich this two parties have within the International Communist Movement.


On the International Day of Action in Homage to Chairman Gonzalo, the anniversary of his shining speech, in Chile were made a huge wall painting in his honor. The Chilenian Newspaper "elpueblo" write about this homage: "In our country, communists and activists revolucionaries joined this day in Villa Francia, Santiago, highlighting with a mural and combative speeches the validity of their revolutionary thought and action, especially the historical milestone of the people's war in Peru, initiated under his leadership in 1980."

In the days after the announcement of the fascist assassination of Chairman Gonzalo various other activities were carried out.


The Communists in Colombia emphasized in their declaration which great impact Chairman Gonzalo has for the Proletarian Revolution in Colombia: "It was the cannons of the People’s War in Peru that lit the way for us to take up the great historic task of reconstituting the Party of the Class and initiating the People’s War in Colombia."

Variour activities were carried out from proletarian Militants in homage to Chairman Gonzalo:


The Communist Party of Ecuador - Red Sun states on the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo: "The Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun, its leadership, cadres, militants and generated organisms, express our most heartfelt class solidarity to the comrades of the Communist Party of Peru, of the People’s Liberation Army; its leadership, cadres, militants and combatants; to the proletariat and people of Peru; to the proletariat and oppressed peoples of the world."

Different powerful activities were organized from proletarian militants as well as organized peasents:


Sol Rojo in Mexico published a declaration, where they state: "Chairman Gonzalo today more than ever lives in our convictions to build the new dawn that will bury the old order of hunger, exploitation, misery and death against the working class."

In various actions the communists and revolutionaries in Mexico showed that Chairman Gonzalo is beloved from the peoples masses and that Gonzalo thought is immortal.



The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) published a declearation, honoring the great contributions of Chairman Gonzalo to the Peruvian Revolution as well as to the International Communist Movement. In this contributions the Party highlights the great contributions of Chairman Gonzalo: "On this sorrowful occasion our Central Committee humbly remember comrade Gonzaloʹs contributions to the new democratic revolution of Peru, the revolutionary internationalist movement and in holding high the banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Our Central Committee once again pledges to carry forward the new democratic revolution and socialist revolution in India as a part of world socialist revolution in order to pay real homage to comrade Gonzalo."


The Communist Party of the Philippines published a declaration honoring the heritage and contributions from the Chairman Gonzalo to the Peruvian Revolution and the International Communist Movement. In the declaration is written about the Chairman Gonzalo: "He gave the best years of his life and sacrificed for the proletariat and oppressed masses of Peru, and their aspirations for national and social liberation. During the 1980s, the Sendero Luminoso—the Shining Path—was one of the brightest stars of armed resistance around the world."


The Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist published a declaration honoring Chairman Gonzalo, stating "He is a special communist leader, who proved and presented theoretically to the international proletariat that “Marxism-Leninism” had reached the stage of Maoism. His level of understanding and application of MLM has successfully inspired all Maoist forces."

In Istanbul was organized a manifestation from Partizan:

Turkish Revolutionaries in Europe made great effort to protest against the fascist assassination of Chairman Gonzalo and holding high his contributions and live. Actions and manifestations were organized in different countries, like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, etc.


In Dhanka, Bangladesh, there were powerful protest developed after the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo. A Demonstration was held and a commemmoration event.


In China two Maoist Groups published declarations in honor to Chariman Gonzalo.

The Maoist Group, China, emphasizes in its declaration: "Revolutionaries must keep his teachings in their hearts, wipe off their tears and continue the struggle, learn and grasp Maoism, devote themselves to revolutionary practice, these are the best way to mourn Chairman Gonzalo. Revolutionaries in China must work even harder to carry out the urgent task of reconstituting the Maoist and militarized Communist Party – a task that has been pending since October 1976 – to initiate People’s War and take pack proletarian state power. Finally, we call to boycott the ongoing electoral farce of the county- and township-level People’s Congress that dresses up the Chinese fascist rule and to expose the fascist nature of Chinese social-imperialism."

The Communist Group (Maoist) declares that "We need to firmly remember the teachings of Chairman Gonzalo, continue to deepen our understanding of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, and the contribution of universal validity of Chairman Gonzalo. We will never forget the task of the Chinese Communists – reconstitute the Communist Party of China, initiate people’s war, and take back our political power!"


Arab Maoist published a declaration to honor Chairman Gonzalo with the words: "On September 24, 1992, the imperialists and their puppet of the reactionary regime in Peru wanted to make the presentation of Comrade Gonzalo in a cage an opportunity to humiliate him and the international proletariat to claim victory over communism. However, his cry shattered their black dream. Comrade Gonzalo cried out to the whole world with a raised fist, pointing out the power of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and showing the only way to achieve emancipation from class slavery: protracted people’s war."



The Committees for the Foundation of the (maoist) Communist Party of Austria published a declaration in which is emphazised the tasks of the Communist in this situation: "The Communists of the world, that means also their section in Austria, will establish justice for Chairman Gonzalo. The proletariat will not demand this justice from the old state and not from the bourgeoisie, because the demand for justice for Chairman Gonzalo, is first a demand of the proletariat and its Communist Party to itself. The proletariat will establish this justice itself by constituting and reconstituting its Communist Parties, by, where this has already happened, initiating or waging the people’s wars, or otherwise preparing it. Thus, fired by irreconcilable class hatred, many red waves will break over the bourgeoisie, finally burying it under itself, smashing its old order and establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat."

Proletarian Revolutionaries carried out various activities in different regions of the country: Demonstrations, rallies and manifestations as well as commomorations events.


The revolutionary organisation "Movement 23th of September" from Bulgaria raises the red Banner of Chairman Gonzalo with the slogan "Chairman Gonzalo is immortal!" We want to quote the Bulgarian Comrades and document a picture they published:

"It is with sadness that we announce the death of Chairman Gonzalo, founder of the Peruvian Communist Party "Shining Path". Ideologist of Maoist theory and fighter for socialism. He died yesterday in prison, following the authorities' inaction over his deteriorating health. CHAIRMAN GONZALO IS IMMORTAL!"

The Bulgarian Revolutionaries also published a Video where popularize the history of the Communist Party of Peru and the life of Chairman Gonzalo: LINK!


Revolutionaries in Denmark spread posters of the international campaign in honor to Chairman Gonzalo and orgnized a discussion event.


The revolutionary French newspaper "La Cause du Peuple" shared pictures of graffiti and other propaganda with the slogans “Long live Chairman Gonzalo,” “Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo,” “Long live the People’s War until Communism,” and “Long live Marxism-Leninism- Maoism” were documented. Also a Video of the activities was published: LINK!


The Maoist Committee of Finland published a declaration where they emphasized "Our beloved Chairman may be physically dead, but his all-powerful thought is more alive than ever and continues its unstoppable victory march. It is seen in the Peruvian people and in the Communist Party of Peru, which persists in the People’s War, smashing the dreams of right-opportunist line every second. (...) It is seen in the unstoppable march of the International Communist Movement towards the Unified International Maoist Conference and the New International Organization of the Proletariat, in the march towards reconstitution of the Communist International and in the march towards Communism. All of this is an incarnation of his all-powerful Thought."

Revolutionaries in Finland organized a manifestation in front of of the peruvian embassy:


Proletarian Revolutionaries in Germany organized in different parts of the country various activities. A highlight was a powerfol demonstration in Hamburg, where also international delegations participated. Following we document a Video of that demonstration:

With various activities from posters to discussion events Chairman Gonzalo was honored:


The Committee for the Construction of the maoist Communist Party of Galiza published a declaration in Honor to Chairman Gonzalo where they wrote: "As we promised after the death of our comrade Martin Naya and today in front of Chairman Gonzalo and the Peruvian people, the Committee for the Construction of the maoist Communist Party of Galiza commits itself to continue with his Maoist example, to keep the flag of Maoism high, to fight for a single Unified Maoist International Conference, and to build the maoist Communist Party of Galiza as a fundamental tool to build the Army and the Front and through the People’s War to create the Galician Socialist Republic as a base of support for the World Proletarian Revolution."

Galizian revolutionaries put a transparent where is written "Honor and Gloria to Chairman Gonzalo".


In Athens, Greece, the TKP/ML and KKE (μ-ε) held a protest rally against the murder of Abimael Guzman by the Peruvian State, and the burning of his body in an unknown location. The Greek People's Front and the Greek Revolutionaries supported the action. The crowd gathered on the Evangelismos Metro to remember Abimael Guzmán (Gonzalo), the Founding Leader of the Communist Party of Peru, who was held in isolation by the fascist State of Peru for 29 years during the march. In front of the Peruvian consulate, the TKP/ML, KKE (μ-ε) and the Greek People's Front on behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Front protested against the Fascist state of Peru.


The maoist Communist Party of Italy organized a manifestation in front of the Peruvian Embassy in Milan. They raised a banner with the slogan "Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo; Leader of the Peruvian Revolution; Great Marxist-Leninist-Maoist!" A second banner was hung in a Aquila, Italy.


Proletarian Revolutionaries in Ireland developed muliple actions in honor to the Chairman Gonzalo. They organized a manifestation in front of the embassy of the old reactionary Peruvian state in the city of Dublin, Ireland.

They write about the action: "We must continue to Honour and Defend Chairman Gonzalo. To Defend Gonzalo is to Defend Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Victory to the People’s War in Peru!"


The revolutionary website Tjen Folkte Media published a call to Honor the Chairman Gonzalo where they wrote: "Chairman Gonzalo is the recognized leader of the revolution and the party in Peru, and it is undeniable that this revolution hoisted the red flag of Maoism to new heights, and placed it at the forefront of the proletarian world revolution."

Revolutionaries organised a powerful demonstration to honour Chairman Gonzalo and to condemn the old Peruvian state in Oslo. Here you find a Video from the manifestation. The website "tjen-folket" writes about the manifestation: "There were speeches by the organising committee and from Revolutionary Communists, Maoist Platform and Red Front. All of the speeches were filled with revolutionary optimism, and the speakers condemned the old Peruvian state and showed strong solidarity with the Communist Party of Peru and the People’s War in Peru."

In different parts of the country proletarian revolutionaries carried out various activities to honor Chairman Gonzalo and his immortal thought.


Proletarian Revolutionaries in Sweden organized various wall painting honoring Chairman Gonzalo:


The (Marxist-Leninist) Workers’ Party – Spanish State published a declaration in which it is written: "Our Party calls to defend his legacy, his memory, his struggle, a work that belongs to the entire International Communist Movement. His legacy is for all those who are clear that except for power everything is illusion, and only with the revolutionary path it is possible to lead the proletariat to the seizure of power."


In the declaration on occasion of the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo the Partija Rada (Ex-Yugoslavia) states: "Around the world, communist parties have been disorganized under the influence of auditiveness and dogmatism. In such circumstances, the fellows of Gonzalo with the Communist Party of Peru raises the flag of the revolution and that huge act becomes inspiration for the revolutionary groups of many countries." And: "Gonzalo was imprisoned at the Maximum Security Center in the sea base of Callao, completely isolated from the outside world and spent almost 30 years in such conditions. Still, his revolutionary spirit was never extinguished. Gonzalo remained faithful to communism and the struggle of the proletariat as long as his heart was still beating."


The editorial board of the revolutionary newspaper "tribune of the people" wrote in their statement on the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo: "Tribune of the People joins the people of the world to salute Chairman Gonzalo as the greatest son of the Communist Party of Peru and the international proletariat, who will continue his fight for a new world. Chairman Gonzalo gave his life for the World Proletarian Revolution, never once dropping the red flag which represents the blood that he and many other sons and daughters of the masses have given and will continue to give–the red flag which leads us towards humanity’s Communist future."

Around the country proletarian revolutionaries carried out various activities honoring Chairman Gonzalo: