AUSTRIA - Various actions defending “Austin's Targeted Three"

As the Anti-fascist Action Info-sheet from Austria reported, activists took part in the international campaign "Defend Austin's Targeted Three" by different powerful actions. It was clearly shown that the political persecution of justified protest is not accepted not only in the USA but also in Austria.

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The trial against the "Austin's Targeted Three" is obviously a reaction of the ruling class in the USA to the mass protests and an attempt to criminalize them. Solidarity in Austria has been very popular, not least because similar measures are used here as well to apply the law of opinion and collective punishment against justified protests.

In Linz, Innsbruck and Vienna actions of solidarity took place. One activist emphasized: "Especially as antifascists we have to defend the "Austin's Targeted Three". That they should be condemned with an supposed affiliation to the "Antifa" is an insolence! It is not about "Antifa", but about the attempt of criminalization of justified protest. We must stand up against this and defend the democratic and political rights of the people!" A manifestation met with great interest and broad solidarity among the people. Slogans such as "It's right to rebel" and "Long live International Solidarity" were loudly supported. Also a meeting was held, and emphasized the importance of international solidarity.

Democratic activists who stand up for the people's rights to freedom of speech and fundamental rights also support the international campaign. At a manifestation for freedom of speech and the release of Julian Assange also a sign of solidarity was given. Furthermore, a manifestation for democratic rights for migrants also showed solidarity with the Austin's Targeted Three.

"US imperialism directs its aggression and crimes against the peoples all over the world, including massively against its "own". The people's protests in the USA are a justified expression of the deep political and economic crisis in which the whole capitalist system finds itself. The rulers all over the world are currently massively dismantling the democratic rights of the people, trying to stifle protests and conducting a real hunt for activists as an attempt to calm the situation. But rebellion is the people's justified and necessary response to the deep crisis, and the attempt to unload the crisis on the shoulders of the workers and the people. That is why, as anti-fascists and anti-imperialists from Austria we send our powerful greetings of solidarity to the struggling masses in the USA and we are confident that the ruling classes will not get away with their attempts of persecution, but will inflame the anger and struggle of the oppressed people worldwide even more!", the report says.

Defend Austin's Targeted Three!

It's right to rebel!

Long live internationalism!

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