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GERMANY - Proletarians of all countries, unite!

We document an, in our opinion, important declaration from Germany. We found the document on "", and also want to document the preface of the editors of the webside.

"This is an unofficial translation of a document which was sent to us. The correction is pending. Because of the role the committee red flag has for the reconstitution of the communist party in the FRG we publish this text. In the text there are some strong statements, we think are worth to debate about, but might break the law, which we don't want in any way. "

Our Slogan is: Proletarians of all countries unite! Our battlecry says: It‘s right to rebel! Death to Revisionism!

To the International Communist Movement, to all proletarian revolutionaries in the FRG, to all revolutionaries, to all proletarian feminists, to all antiimperialists.

Dear comrades, the marxists-leninists-maoists in the FRG greet you. We greet your heroic struggles, your indomitable rebellion against imperialism, the reaction and revisionism. We watched joyfully this first of May, which was an expression of the urge for unity, the urge for progress, the urge for the most radical change of all prevailing conditions. The actions all over the world show that the communist’s fight for unity gains more and more strength. On the basis of Maoism, the fight against imperialism, reaction, revisionism and opportunism in all its forms, to serve proletarian world revolution. Within the imperialist countries the struggle of the masses of the french proletarian youth in Paris and other parts of the country deserves special mentioning. It is a great inspiration to us. We want to express our great joy and pride to be part of the great and unexampled campaign for the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. We tried and suceeded in developing this campaign in the FRG. In this campaign the maoists did a uniform action jointly, with a common plan and a common goal. Not on a general basis with some general political guidelines, but on a basis of high ideological, political and organisational unity. This has not been seen on this ground for a long time.

Comrades have brought the campaign for the 200 year anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx to Jena, in the East. They did this with a smile, with the consciousness of victory, with optimism. We are told about No-Go-areas controlled by the fascists in the east. We are told about the damage revisionism has done, because of that you could not do revolutionary politics there. There young proletarian revolutionaries brought the 200 year Karl Marx campaign on the street with a smile in their faces and with pride.

A massive contingent of revolutionaries went on the street in Bremen, the poorest federal state in the FRG. They challenged and exposed the fat cats of the unions, the yellows, the social fascists. They declared in the face of the representative of the “GdP” (union of the police) during his speech: “German policemen – murderer and fascists!” And this as part of the campaign of the 200 years.

In Hamburg the comrades have shown what it means to be with the supressed yet again. The internationalists have asserted themselves physically against the Olaf Sholz Youth, these prospective union fat cats. They stood united despite any attempt by revisionism and opportunism to split the unity of the antiimperialists. What has do be mentioned as well is the police state which existed in the areas of the working class in Hamburg. In the very moment when the opportunists conducted together with members of the senate the so called “revolutionary first of May”, which was the most “peaceful” in years, young proletarians have been harassed and threatened to be prosecuted for the only reason that they would have been allegedly part of an illegal demonstration and wrapped up. Their “crime” according to german police was to do activities in working class quarters in Hamburg on the first of May.

There have been actions in other cities of the FRG as well. Mainly in the East and the South. The call for the Karl Marx campaign was spreaded and nex contacts have been made.

These are good things, which make us glad. These things show that despite the witch hunt, despite the sword of damocles, which hangs over many comrades, because of the 1400 submitted cases, and the 3300 open ones since the fights of july last year, there is growing something new on this ground. On the other hand it is something very old. Somehow they have come back. The communists. They are back again. This leads to an important topic.

The ideology of the proletariat was born here. And here it was negated for the first time. Marxism is a “german invention”, but so is revisionism. Bernstein. Kautsky. Germans. Only Germany was able to create an Ebert or Noske. What is clear from the beginning: In Germany the contradiction has to be sharpened. There is no middle way in Germany, which Marx called the prussian small Germany, which was founded on the genocide of the slavic people by the Teutonic Order. There is no “social peace”. In Germany there are two options. Subjugation or fight for life and death. We, who continue the work of Karl Marx on this ground will not subjugate ourselves. Hence we always insisted that the party of the proletariat has to be a war machine. It has to be a machine of savage class war. Communists in this country have to go this way from the beginning. This is not an easy way. It is not a way, which is appreciated by those, who want to go on wasting away in this system. Those who want to live in this dilapidated, dying and parasitic system. It is nothing for those, who want to live like always. Those who want it comfortable.

According to this there has to develop resistance against this way in the form of those, who want to abuse the struggle of the peoples of the world, the struggle of the working class for their own small-minded and lumpen interests because of “personal”, this means egoistic, individualistic reasons. This is where right liquidationism originates from.

Our way is one. The way of Ayacucho. The way of the comrades, who left everthing, to go to the small villages, where nobody knew their names, and left everything behind, to connect with the deepest and broadest masses. This is our way. Not the way of those, who seek fame, frippery, and spotlight. The maoists walk in the shadow. And the liquidationists seek the spotlight. This leads us to Berlin.

Berlin is a very special city in the FRG. It is the most “cosmopolitan” city in the FRG, maybe in Europe, maybe even in the world. It has some specific characteristics. One is that it is basically a prussian city. It is a symbol of the subjugation of the rest of Germany. But also it is both a city of an imperialist country and a former semi-colony of social imperialism. And a special remark has to be done: The extreme influence of yankee-imperialism and the myth of Westberlin as a “symbol of resistance” against the “Russian”. This had the consequence that several characteristics of yankee-imperialism are extremely perceptible in Berlin. Especially in the question of gangs. Only with this in mind, one can understand what is happening in Berlin. Especially the sinister attack of the right liquidationists against the international proletariat on the streets in Berlin. Other comrades have described the background of right liquidationism in detail. We urge the comrades to read the article of Klassenstandpunkt again. We emphasize a very important point: The main critique of the comrades from Klasssenstandpunkt against the right liqquidationists is, that they have never been able to formulate an critique against the ideological or political line of the avantgarde in formation in the FRG. When some of these people have been organised in the structures of the revolutionaries, they did wrong self critiques, intrigued and fled from ideological and political struggle. Then they violated every principle of Democratic Centralism with intrigues and factionism and splitted the organisation in Berlin. Then they created confusion about the principles without engaging in open struggle within the movement in the FRG and on international level. Although they cancelled all their public propaganda for months, they could not give any answer to the critique. They have shown that the only thing they are capable of is to whisper and make nasty remarks in facebook groups, chats, and commentary sections. Facebook the best website to file charges against yourself. In the last months the became openly informed the state about the revolutionaries. These guys claim to be “those from Berlin”. Funny. We have always been there. And yes, they have been more than us. But they have never been bold enough to engage with the deepest and broadest masses. They were not bold enough to go to Marzahn. Hence there “everyone is a fascist”. We went there. In the end the fascists were fifteen. And the masses were with us. Berlin is theirs? There is not one political structure (and they aren’t a structure but a gang), which is hated as much as the so called Jugendwiderstand in the whole radical left in Berlin. Not because they did political struggle. Did these people ever go to a political event and begun a political debate? No group in the so called radical left in Berlin has ever perceived that this gang would have done a political debate in a public meeting. What did they do instead? They behaved like the worst and dirtiest lumpen, roaring they would be maoists, and behaved like patriarchal scumbags. They tried to mobilise parts of the arabic masses in Neukölln for an alleged struggle against the “anti-germans”(zionists). They did this in the only way opportunists know: Instead of bringing the socialism to the masses, they ran behind the masses. The core of the negation of communist politics. Our comrades have withstood in this hard situation and we think our comrades deserve to here this: We salute our comrades in Berlin. Since the conditions in Berlin have been hard. But the comrades have withstood. And we are very proud of our comrades. The comrades have uphold the red flag despite the sabotages, the underminings and the splits in Berlin. They conducted the campaign in support of the people’s war in India. They are those who conduct the 200 year of Karl Marx campaign in Berlin. And like this they appeared on the first of May. They did something special. They have understood to win against the general counter revolutionary offensive. They have won against the campaign of the right liquidationists by insisting on Marxism. Based on a correct understanding of the construction of the three instruments. By understanding what the front means in this conrete moment of the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany. They organised an international block on the DGB demonstration with turkish anti-imperialists. They sold the new organ of the revolutionaries in Germany, the Rote Post, in a not known dimension on the first of may. They achieved a front, which is obviously not the front under the undisputed leadership of the proletariat. But which offered a broad political space. Of course a front had hard limits under these circumstances. But it is a front which shows that the maoists do politics, that means class struggle. And every political force which wants to engage with the maoists has to do this on this level. This is an achievement. This is a success. This is a victory. This is what led to the sinister attack in Berlin on this first of May.

We had lots of confrontations with different groups and structures in our short history. We experienced denunciation, betrayal and all sorts of provocation. All these “structures” which have been dominated by hooligans and drug dealers never attacked a single one of our comrades or friends openly. Even these lumpen had the political understanding what it means to engage with the maoists in the FRG. The counter revolutionary pile of shit, which calls itself Jugendwiderstand, crossed all limits on this first of May. Our comrades participated in the 06.00 pm demonstration in Berlin with the mentioned front in the international block. There are very different forces active in this demonstration, which always mobilises around 10.000 people. It is not a demonstration led by communists. These people, who organise this demonstration are no people whom we seriously expect to challenge this state. To put it very diplomatically. But it is a demonstration, where the masses want to fight. Where revolutionarists want to fight. Where the communists have to be the clear voice of the proletariat. And this is what the comrades have done. They achieved a spontaneous participation of the masses. The enthusiasm of the masses about the transparent caused hat our comrades did not carry it. But the masses did. One of them said, when he was asked, if he was tired and wanted to give away the transparent: I won’t give up this transparent all my life. This is the work of the maoists in Berlin. This provoked the right liquidationists to deadly hatred. This rat breeding walked behind the rows of the police. The rows, which seperate the demonstration from the spectators. Then the head of this gang gave the direct order to attack. They stormed through the rows of the police. Of course they have not been hindered by the reactionary state. They aimed for the masses of the International Collective Berlin. These wretches have threatened comrades under the operative leadership of their head’s servant. They told the comrades not to do activities in Neukölln. They said it was “unser Kiez”(our district). Before the masses could mobilise their answer, the rats retreated protected by german police. As one could expect, the german police did nothing against these people. In consequence: These rats, who always fled from open ideological and political strugge, who never formulated any document of critique against the proletarian avantguard in formation in the FRG, started to attack comrades physically by mobilising lumpen.

They have achieved what nobody did before. They owe us blood. This debt is not only to us, but to the International Communist Movement. To all those who fight for the unity of the International Communist Movement on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, who fight against imperialism and reaction, revisionism and opportunism in all its forms to serve the proletarian world revolution. It is an attack against all revolutionaries and revolutionarists in the FRG, who seek to point the spear against germen imperialism, despite all differences. It is an attack against every serious and consequent anti-imperialist, who are not smitten with the “german people” or with chauvinist dreams about “german south tirol”. An attack on every female comrade, who fights against this patriarchal system. An attack on every comrade, who fights against the fascists and doesn’t believe in german blood like this strasserist dirt. It is an attack on everyone who stands with the suppressed ones, and who won’t allow some Hermanns to declare what the suppressed would want. And above all it was a military attack. It was an act of war. This was not a dispute on the street. This was not a brawl in a bar. This was a targeted attack on a demonstration, where maoists in the FRG brought the 200 year Karl Marx campaign on the streets. A military attack which occurred with the permission and protection of german police. It was a crime which will never be forgotten.

Why did this attack happen? Why storm these swollen karate kids into a demonstration? Should this be a political confrontation? Should this have been the proof that they are the most advanced in the fight for the reconstitution of the communist party? Obviously not. This is a proof of their total bankruptcy. A proof of impotence. It is the best, complete and most expressing confirmation of the correctness of our work. It proves that or comrades in Berlin do the best work under the hardest circumstances. Let these guys come to Hamburg. Let them come to Bremen. Let them come to Hannover. Or some other areas. We don’t have to talk about Rhodonia. Let them come. The attack us, where they expect us to be weak. Why? For us to hit back with full power. This is a political condition which is important here. They know how we work. Let’s be clear. If someone has a problem with our work last July, be that as it may. We did what we did. But these rats have been tourists. Since we did real work and not tourism some people have open bills wirh us. Okay. This is between these people and us. We can deal with that. But that these Neanderthals believe us to be stupid enough to walk into this police trap. They can forget it. In difference to this incident of the evolution our comrades gave a promise. No matter what. We are not interested in the consequences for our body. Not because we had faith in the eternity of spirit. But simply, because we understood that our “being” is not the centre of the world. Our goal is easier. Maybe even a little vulgar in the original meaning of the word. We want to serve the people.

The next thing: We do these rats do such an attack now? They do it to hide their roaring failure. Nobody shall talk about the fact that there so called 01.00 pm demonstration was a roaring failure. Since they have begun this theater the get less and less. They get more and more isolated. The only ones who join them are lumpen and reactionaries. Not interesting which flags they carry. Of course they hate our comrades for that. We declare proudly: Yes, it is our fault. Yes, we argued against you. Yes, we denounced their political standpoints. Yes, we sold the Rote Post in Neukölln. And damn good on top of that. Yes, we sold the Klassenstandpunkt in every “left house”. Hence the people like them a little less. Yes, we are responsible for their defeat. We smashed some of their plans on other occasions as well. But this is something else. How did we do that? Did we do it by being the coolest? If one thing is characteristic for our comrades, they are not shiny. We are not good at this karate shit. Sometimes our voices are not heard by some people. But we are somethin else. Somethin more solid. It is called steel. The steel of Gonzalo.

What is the consequence of this? We summarize it like this: Under the conditions of the sharpest anti-communist witch hunt which threatens hundreds of revolutionaries in the FRG with punishment the proletarian avantgarde in formation does progress shoulder to shoulder with the communists all over the world.

There is right liquidationism which doesn’t want a militarized party against this. They drape themselves with the struggles of the peoples of the world and degenerated to the worst gang, which can only exist in Berlin.

The publiation of the Rote Post, a newspaper, which gives a voice and an ear to the deepest and broades masses made this pack desperate. This showhs the power, the strength, the invincibility of the application of Maoism. When maoists dare not to limit themselves to general declarations, but to grasp the real problems of the masses in a form and style, which allows the mobilisation, organisation and politisation, in perspective the arming of the masses, then revisionism has mortal agony. An important result of the distribution of the Rote Post was the attack of three lumpen on two comrades, who sold the Rote Post in the Sonnenallee. Draped with thick gold chains and all other signs of lumpen culture, they wanted to forbid the comrades to sell the Rote Post in Neukölln. Both comrades who don’t take anabolic steroids resisted with class position and determination. The lumpen claimed, our comrades would not sell anything of their dirt. The lumpen went to a near shisha bar. In front of them the comrades sold 5 Rote Post in 15 minutes. This karate gang believes they could threaten our appreciated and beloved comrades, when they bring the voice of our class to the quarters. This is like the MRTA and brings us to the next point.

The MRTA learned, what it means to engage with maoists. They should know: Marx, Lenin, Chairman Mao and nobody as much as Chairman Gonzalo taught us about revolutionary violence. If someone believes the proletarian avantgarde in formation was afraid of some swollen thai boxers, it is an error. Our main enemy in this moment in political and organisational aspects is the german imperialism. They have such things as Leopard II. No matter how many steroids our street fighters take, they want reach this level. But we can handle that. This people think violence was standing in front of each other and to push each other. They did not understand guerilla. Never. Good. They won’t be the only ones to be surprised.

This pack has ceated some confusion within the International Communist Movement, especially amongst the young forces who had no time to get the necessary experience yet. Normal. We don’t expect recognition. We understand very well that words have the weight of plumb or none. That is good. But a communist must not have doubts between Marxism and revisionism. If someone wants to know our practise: come to us! You are all invited. Go with us to every quarter. Tell us the quarter you want to go to, we will come with you. You will see our comrades are one with the deepest and broadest masses. We don’t have a quarter which is “ours”. But we have a class which is ours. We have a class which we are.

Comrades, we wrote a lot. Maybe too much. But sometimes it is better to tell a lot. Sometimes it is better to destroy the doubts. This is our goal.

Comrades. The Maoists in the FRG have been attacked by a lumpen gang. A crime without comparison in our history. These people owe us blood. We remember always what our peruvian comrades have told us: Let the time has its time (tiempo al tiempo). And to use another idiom of our peruvian comrades: we have already measured and weighed them. And as always, the rest will do the masses.

International comrades. Please take a clear position in this question. Not because we would doubt you. We know with whom you are. But only for the reason that this small unit of men and women, who uphold your flag, our flag in this dilapidated state has certainty. For us having certainty, that no matter what this imperialist state does to us, the people will exercise justice

Revolutionaries in the FRG. Our “crime” is against the bourgeois state. We will do the revolution in this country. We will destroy the military bureaucratic Apparatus, which is called FRG. And we have understood the only way to do this is revolutionary war. Of course we also understood this is a little bit illegal. But this is the whole purpose of being a revolutionary, isn’t it?

Antiimperialists. Antiimperialism is not to put one people against another one. Antiimperialism means: fighting against imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and the reaction. Against semi-colonialism and semi-feudalism. This is antiimperialism. Antiimperialism is not taking chauvinist, racist positions against a people. Antiimperialism is always fighting any chauvinism.

Proletarian feminists. Comrades. We have to explain the least to you. Maybe you know these patriarchal pigs better than anyone else. But still comrades. Your flesh and blood has been attacked on this first of May. Die punches, which hit the comrade, were a hit against every woman in the FRG. It was a hit by the patriarchy.

Antifascists. Those of you, who know us, know what we do. You know our practise and you know who we are. These german national strasserist gang has nothing to do with Maoism. Hunt them. Or as we sometimes say: Antifascism is always concret.

In the end, comrades. The first of May 2018 was a victory against the craftiness. A confirmation of our way. Good. We will follow this way. Because it went well, we also had a problem. A sinister attack. To avoid all problems we request our comrades, our friends, internationally and in the FRG to give a clear statement in this matter. Especially we request this from those, who called these reactionary lumpen “maoists in the FRG”. We also mention something else. Some of our friends are very fond of this internet stuff. Facebook. Instagram. Whatsapp. Wonderful. But they should know something else. When someone moves on the streets of the FRG with this rats, we might not be surgeons always.

We have one class. The international Proletariat!

We have one ideology. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism!

We have one leadership. The Communist Party!

We have one way. People’s War!

Death to revisionism!

Our path is shining. His name is Gonzalo!

Committee Red Flag - FRG

#Germany #Antirevisionism #Declaration #1stofMay

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