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TURKEY - Villagers defend and struggle against land alienation and land destruction

In some areas in the Eastern part of Turkey, villagers have been defending and struggling against large-scale construction projects of dams, mines and quarries for ten years. The people in these villages fear for their livelihoods, their homes and environment - and rightly so, they are resisting the large-scale construction projects.

Attacks on villagers in various regions of eastern Turkey have intensified since this year. At the end of May, in the village of Yurtbasi, villagers took to the streets to protest, as the companies wanted to destroy the animal shelters - the protest was to prevent the construction of a mamor quarry. The villagers were attacked with tear gas by soldiers protecting the construction workers, and warning shots with live ammunition were fired. To gain solidarity for their justified protest, the villagers made videos of the violent attacks and distributed them.

Villagers of Dibekli in Eastern Turkey have also been struggeling against the construction of a mamor quarry for more than two years. Just before construction began, officials and security forces were sent to the village in an attempt to intimidate villagers and to expell them from their homes.

In many rural areas, where the large-scale construction projects are to be implemented, the farmers and villagers join together, resist and fight justifiably for their soil and land!

Rebellion is justified!

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