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KAZAKHSTAN - Mass protests against government

Since the beginning of the week, protests against the lifting of the price cap for gas flared up. Kazakhstan is a country with the most natural gas reserves. With the lifting of the price cap, the price doubled. Many people fill up with natural gas for their vehicles because it used to be much cheaper than gasoline.

The protests spread across the country. The people's anger was directed not only against the price cap but above all against the government and the poverty it was creating in the country. The main demand of the protest was the resignation of the government.

The center of the protests developed in the country's largest city - Almaty. On the night of January 6, the mayor's office was stormed and set on fire by the masses, armed with truncheons and fatal sticks. The airport was also occupied. Government offices and police stations were also attacked in other parts of the country. Shortly thereafter, the government declared a state of emergency and ordered a curfew. The Internet was paralyzed, as well as messenger apps to prevent protesters from networking.

In addition to police, the military was also deployed to attack the rebelling people. Russia sent in "peacekeepers." Pictures show unidentified uniformed troops attacking the fighting crowds. Russia's so-called peacekeeping operation thus secures interest in the raw material, as Russia is known for exploiting it in Kazakhstan. Dozens of deaths have been recorded so far, as well as hundreds injured and more than 2.000 people arrested. A dozen deaths have also been reported on the part of the security forces.

The struggle of the masses in Kazakhstan against the oppression and exploitation of the national and imperialist rulers is justified!

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