PHILIPPINES – Successful ambush by the New People's Army

On May 15th, a successful action was conducted by militants of the New People’s Army (NPA) against the AFP Troops of the old Filipino state. Along the border of Iloilo and Antique Provinces, NPA militants attacked the fascist troops of the 61st IB out of an ambush. Five soldiers were killed in the ambush while five others were wounded.

The successful action is a strong blow to the old Filipino state and the ruling classes. It is a just and righteous retaliation on imperialist exploitation and oppression in general, and especially the 61st IB unit.

“This is in partial fulfillment of the vow to exact justice for the Tumandok people and other victims of the crimes perpetrated by the 61st IB and other units of the AFP”, said the Chief Information Officer Comrade Marco Valbuena from the Communist Party of the Philippines in a statement on saturday, pointing out that the AFP unit was involved in the bloody Tumandok massacre in December 30, 2020.

On Panay Island, nine people were murdered and 17 arrested that day. “The brutal offensives are aimed at breaking the Tumandoks’ unity against the Jalaur Mega Dam Project which will inundate their ancestral lands”, Valbuena said before. It is true, the imperialists are only interested in driving the Tumandok people away from their land. The murdered were part of the 80 families forced from their land in January of last year. The massacre was carried out as part of the blood-thirsty plan for a National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC), initiated by President Duterte. Such are the methods of the “counter-insurgency” tactics.

“It is also a retribution for the killing of peasant leader John Farochilin last year by elements of the 61st IB in the same area”, Comrade Valbuena added.

The old Filipino state’s goons, lackeys to imperialism try to downplay this blow dealt by the NPA while trying for retaliation. The units leader even claimed that their troops only suffered one wounded casualty. Meanwhile, there are reports of the local people’s masses on social media showing helicopters flying over the area, probably to carry away casualties and wounded. Comrade Valbuena chided Batara for denying their casualties. “What kind of arrogant officer is he who cannot give recognition to men who died under his command.”

The ambush is a strong message to the people, that shows who is the force that struggles on their side against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism. With the coming storms in People’s War the people will not only retaliate the crimes of the imperialists, but bring them to their downfall. Neither with lies, nor with blood will the old Filipino rulers be able to drown the invincible People’s War.