PALESTINE/ISRAEL – People‘s protest against national oppression continue

In Palestine, people protested against an assault by Israeli soldiers on a palestinian family. During the assault which happened at dawn on Thursday, Israeli forces "used electric shocks against the Dari family" as well as "beating, kicking, slapping and cursing", according to testimonies given by family members to the Wadi Hilweh Information Center.

Hundreds of Arab citizens in Umm Al-Fahm and Wadi Ara in Israel took to the streets on Friday to protest against violence, crime, and police collusion with criminal gangs, Arab48 reported. They chanted slogans against the Israeli government and the police, who do not stop the crime spread among the Arab community in Israel. This is also a way of discrimination, as the crime in Israeli neigborhoods is held down with great force.

Two Palestinian brothers, held as political prisoners in Israeli prisons, are on their tenth day of hunger strike, reported the Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS). Bassam and Bilal Diab, from Kafr Ra'i in the northern West Bank, took the action after Israeli occupation forces placed them under administrative detention.

Administrative detention, a procedure employed by the Israeli occupation to jail indefinitely without charge or trial. This antidemocratic fascist law is used on the daily in Israel. Some 4,400 Palestinian political prisoners are languishing in Israeli jails, according to the Palestinian body. The figure includes 39 women and 155 children.

All these protests of the masses against the Israeli bureaucratic state's repression, against national oppression of Palestine, are part of the people's onslaught on US-Imperialism, a great force against imperialist oppression.

Rebellion is justified!

Freedom for Palestine!