PALESTINE - Farmland flooded by Israeli Occupiers

Starting in January, Israel deliberately flooded hundreds of acres of farmland. Agricultural lands, cow ranches, and bee farms in eastern Shujaiyyah neighborhood in Gaza were consumed by a conciously created flood, produced by the opening of Israeli water dams. The floods of rain- and wastewater have dealt great damage to Palestine land.

This happens regularly. This practice of national oppression is all the more cynical since the Israeli rulers have already destroyed so much of the infrastructure of Palestine, especially in Gaza, like they did during the Gaza war.

Israeli pipelines are actively and consciously keeping the ground water from Golan from reaching Gaza, creating water rareness. It is a cruel play on the already scarce livelyhood of Palestinian farmers.

An increase in Israeli attacks can be seen in the last years. This comes with the deepening of the general crisis of Imperialism. Especially US imperialism, threatened in its position as hegemonial power, is trying its dark plans to put its crisis on the shoulders of the oppressed nations. US imperialism is the driving force behind the Israeli expansionists attacks.

The oppressed nation of Palestine has proven in its past that it will not bow down to its oppressors, who are over-confident with their powerful masters, while underestimating the strength of the Palestine masses.