PALESTINE – Defend and support the people’s struggles in Palestine

With protests all over the Israeli state, with countless young Arabs taking to the streets internationally, the current protest for Palestine were sparked by the displacement of Palestinians and the aggressions of Israel.

The history of Israel is a history of the displacement of Palestinians and their forced displacement from their rightful land. Of 10 Million Palestinians worldwide, around 5,6 Million have been forced out of their country. Many of those were forced out of Jerusalem. On the other hand, many Palestinian refugees from 1948-1967 settled in East-Jerusalem that was controlled by Jordan for this period. The four families in Sheikh-Jarrah, the East-Jerusalem neighborhood, whose eviction played a role in the latests protests, also came there as refugees.

They are being evicted on the grounds of the “Law of Return”, an Israeli law that grants Jews the right to homes in the city, even if they are currently inhabited by Palestinians. They just need to “prove” that before the war of 1948 their families lived on this ground. Needless to say that there is no such law for the millions of displaced Palestinian families. Neither does it bring the Jewish people’s masses to their rightful homes, but is a means for Jewish ultra-chauvinistic “settlers” to enrich themselves. The Law of Return is a criminal law of settler-colonialist displacement.

Those settlers made attacks under the slogan “death to the Arabs” on Palestinians protesting the forced evictions of four families in the East-Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, and against the Al Aqsa-Mosque, the third holiest site in Islamand a highly symbolic place in Jerusalem. The reactionary settler attacks in Jerusalem have shown that they are loyal goons to the rulers, as they were from the start accompanied by the Israeli police and military. Hundreds of Jerusalem citizens have been hurt in these attacks.

The protests have been accompanied by non-stop rocket attacks on Israel from the Palestinian-controlled territory of Gaza, that is ruled by the Hamas. Most of those rockets (that are crafted with the simplest materials) have been stopped by Israels US-financed rocket-defense systems. Meanwhile, the Israeli army is conducting mass killings in Gaza, with deaths in the hundreds. Civilians and children have been killed, even the house of the associated press has been destroyed in a rocket attack.

While all the Western Imperialists have shouted in unison that their Israeli Lackeys have the “right to defend themselves”, they do “forget” that the militant rocket attacks from Gaza are the justified resistance to the aggressions in Jerusalem, to the constant breaching of all “agreements” through Israel and to the national oppression of Palestine through the imperialist tool Israel.

This lie of “self-defense” is the continuation of the aggressive policy of the US “Deal of the Century”, that incorporated the annexation of 40% of Palestinian land through Israel. The US-imperialists have already openly declared that they do not believe their own lie of a peaceful coexistence of Palestine with their tool Israel. Israel is the country that has received the most investments for military purposes from the US since 1948. It is a bureaucratic capitalist state under complete control of the imperialists, mainly US-imperialism, a “fore-post for Europe” and the USA against all Arab people.

The mass-murder in Gaza and the evictions in Jerusalem, all for the goal to rid the land of the last Palestinian National, is the counter-side of the warmongering aggressions against other states.

The protests that started in east Jerusalem, have spread to all of Israel, to all of Palestine and have grown in size and intensity so that they are now even being compared by many spectators to the storms of the Second Intifada. Amidst the attacks of imperialism, the Palestinian people give an example for the people’s struggles worldwide. They are being met with protests in Solidarity all over the world, mainly the middle east, but also in all of Europe young Arab migrants and progressive people have taken to the streets in Solidarity with Palestine.

The just struggle of Palestinian nationals, the just struggle of the Palestinian people’s masses against evictions, deplacement, for their land against national oppression has sparked in an instant. It is prove of the political crisis of US imperialism in their plans of attack against the Arab people as part of the general crisis of capitalism.

Freedom for Palestine!

Long live international solidarity!