JORDAN - Hundreds protest water-energy agreement with Israel

The agreement makes Jordan dependent on Israel without providing a solution to the country's water problems, so hundreds of people took to the streets to resist!

With the agreement Jordan would receive 200 million cubic meters of desalinated water from Israel, in return 600 megawatts of electricity would be supplied to Israel (through newly built huge areas of solar energy extraction). Protesters rightly oppose the agreement. On the one hand, because they are against a deepening of relations with Israel - since Palestinian territories continue to be occupied by Israel. On the other hand, as this agreement would force the Jordanian masses into dependence on Israel.

To media reports, the demonstrators voiced messages such as "We have the right to live; the Palestinians have the right to live" and "We Jordanians support Palestine, and Jordan is close to our hearts, that's why we are here today."

The protest against being dependent on Israel is finding a strong expression, which is remarkable because there is a shortage of water in Jordan. According to UNICEF, Jordan is currently the country with the second greatest water shortage in the world. Nevertheless, for large parts of the population, it is clear that this is not about water, but about a political decision.

The agreement is additionally argued with climate change and renewable energy. But quite correctly, the protesters take the position that Jordan must create its own national water network and develop stratagems independent of Israel's aggressive policies.