IRAQ – Dramatic expansion of the NATO training mission

"Today, we decided to expand NATO's training mission in Iraq. The size of our mission will increase from 500 personnel to around 4,000.” with those words NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg commented the new act of aggression by US imperialism against the peoples of the “middle east”

“Training activities will now include more Iraqi security institutions. We will increase the geographical presence of the NATO training mission, beyond the greater Baghdad area. ” The NATO training mission in Iraq was launched in 2018. It was initially confined to the capital, Baghdad, and in neighboring Jordan.

In the aftermath of the cowardly killing of Hussein Suleimani in Iraq, Iran’s highest general in an act of aggression and provocation by US-Imperialism, the mission was temporarily suspended in the face of the just hatred and anger of the masses all over the so-called “middle east”. Now the US-imperialist and their European allies want to bring it back – stronger than before.

“Our mission is at the request of the Iraqi government. It is carried out with full respect for Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity.” It is on the contrary a provocative violation of Iraq’s right to self-determination, and that of the whole “middle east”, of all of Western-Asia for that matter, since it is preparation for the war with Iran.

That the Iraqi rulers gave their Alibi-request only shows their complicity in the imperialist oppression of the country. The hatred for imperialism, mainly US imperialism is the reason for the great and just protests against the last government that shook Iraq last year.

The justification for warmongering is like so often “the fight against international terrorism.”, against the “Islamic state”, to “ensure that ISIS does not return.” The people of Iraq know fully well that letting the US-imperialists deeper into the country will not solve the problem of the “Islamic state”. It was US imperialism that created it, trying to make use of the anti-imperialist sentiment by channeling it into a reactionary mobilization for it’s own sinister plans. Their loss of control over this mobilization is a sign for the deepening of the political crisis of imperialism, that is the reason for their aggression and their coming downfall.

Down with US-Imperialism!

Long live international solidarity!