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IRAN - Nationwide strike of oil workers

Since June 20, workers of oil, gas, and petrochemical companies have stopped work and are on strike. It is the second major strike in a year.

From the strike originally initiated by the temporary workers, the other workers also joined, demanding higher wages, improvement of occupational safety, end of surveillance in the workplace and punctual payment of wages.

On the second day of the strike, 700 workers were already fired in Tehran, whereupon even more workers joined the strike. Not only are workers threatened with dismissal, but threats from the judiciary also follow. The workers do not leave their dormitories for fear of being expelled from the company premises. The corporations repeatedly turn off the water supply and obstruct the food supply. This as an attempt to lure the workers out of the dormitories and thus drive them off the factory premises.

Accompanied by rapid inflation, the situation in Iran is becoming increasingly acute. Shortly before the strike began, the new president was elected. Due to the ailing and shattered situation in Iran, the masses have been protesting against the poor living conditions for months. Less than 50% participated in the election of the president! With the now "elected" president the masses are tried to intimidate and to put under pressure even more.

The nationwide strike and protests prove the opposite and show that the protest of the workers and the people is justified.

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