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INDIA - Revolutionary greatings to the Peasantry for a Victorias fight

In the following we share an important document of the Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist). It refers to the great success of the peasantry achieved through demonstrations, strikes and uprisings. The CPI (maoist) sends its revolutionary greetings to the peasantry and the people of India and calls to celebrate November 26 as "Vijay Divas" for this historic success for which more than 700 peasants gave their lives.




Press Release

November 20th2021

Revolutionary greatings to the Peasantry for a Victorias fight against Brahmanical Hindutva fascist forces in repealing the Anti-Farming laws!

Dear People,

For the last one year the Indian peasantry stubbornly stood and fought against the fascist and imperialist puppet Narendra Modi government and succeeded in repealing pro-imperialist corporate farming laws. The fascist Modi governmentin September 2020withbrute majority in parliament enacted Anti-Farming lawswith arrogant attitude in serving foreign and Indian corporate companies.Modi announced on November19th that the government would repeal the farming laws in the coming winter session of parliament.This victory is the result of tremendous fight of the peasantry overcoming somany hurdles created by Modi-Amith Shaw-RSS Gang. We are also congratulating all the organizations and forces of Indian and foreign who extended their supportand solidarity to the struggling Peasantry upto the end. So, this victory belongs to all people of this country. In this historical movement, more than 700 Peasants sacrificed their lives. The Central Committee paying red homage to all those fighters. We are also appealing to the Peasantrytocelebrate November 26thas‘vijay divas’for the historical success.

In this movement, somany peasant organizations joined and formed ‘Samyukta Kisan Morcha’ and continued uncompromisingtremendous fight. TheHindutva fascist forces applied somany conspiracies to dismantle the movement. They attacked on the Peasantry somany times. Despite that, they stood firmly and taught a lesson to the Modi government. This victory is the symbolic representation of the people against fascist Modi government’santi-people policies. It is also instilling confidence and gave message to the people in fighting against the Pro-Imperialist policies of Brahmanical Hindutva fascist forces.

In 2015, the fascist Modi retreated due to the stiff resistance of the peasantry against Land AcquisitionBill of 2015. In the same way, in 2018,there was a large upsurge by the Dalit peopleagainst the Supreme Court directive with the advice of Modi government. In that incident 7 people lost their lives and somany injured.Due to the stiff resistance of the people the fascist forces retreated by the with-drawl. In February 2020, the Supreme Court gave a direction that the people who have no land Pattain the forest area should be vacated. The Adivasi people in the entire country stoodagainst this,in that time also the central government did not implement the court direction. It is indicating thatthe Anti people policies of the government and the fascist forces should be countered only by the united struggle of thepeople. By this understanding, the entire Adivasi people in the country fighting against the government policies of displacement and for the protection of livelihood. Theyarealso giving slogans like no mining, no police camp, power on water,forest,land etc. In Dandakaranya, Jharkhand, Odissa, Telangana and in other states there is a danger tothevery existence of the adivasi people due to continuously increasing number of police camps for the benefit of corporate companies which will give catastrophicenvironmental distruction. In this situation,the entire Adivasi people in these states are continuously fighting against the police camps. Today it is the duty of all the people to give support to the justifiable struggles and also participate in the life and death problem of indigenous people.

The working class of this country should ready to fight in the path of peasantry, Dalit and Adivasi people. Our party appealing to fight against Modi government’s act of transforming the 40 labor laws into four codes. The people should stand in support of working class as like that of the support they gave to the Peasantry in the previous occasion. People should come forward against anti-constitutionalact which was framed by Brahmanical Hindutva

fascist forces. We are also appealing the people,'rise your voice and fight against the cancelation of 1500 laws for the benefit of corporate companies(ease of doing business), against the sedition act, UAPA act which are meant for suppression of democratic voices, and also demand withdraw all the cases clamped on Peasantry'. Today the country is facing severe threat from the Brahmanical Hindutva fascist forces,in this situation there is no other go, all classes, all sections, Revolutionary mass organizations, working class organizations and left parties unite and fight militantly in all fronts to solve the problems of this country.

We are saying to the peasantry that wait upto winter parliamentary session to repeal those laws,because fascist Modi isagreat cheater. Demand onecrore rupeesofcompensation to the families of demised peasants in this movement. The problems of the peasantry of this country should notbesolvedwith repeal of these three laws.We are telling that the problem facing by the peasantry since three decades which took four lakhs of peasants in the form ofsuicides should be resolved through the appropriate fight in the leadership of working class against these ruling classes. AgrarianRevolution is the only way for the important problemsof this country,with having majority peasantry. We should not get the real peace, secularism, democracy and Self-Reliance to the people without destroying the ‘Naya Bharat’ dreams of Brahmanical Hindutva fascist forces.

- Observe on November 26thas victory divas against Brahmanical Hindutva fascist forces!

- Revolutionary mass organizations and PLGA of the country hail the victory of peasantry and organizethe people on important issues!

- Counter the Naya Bharat policies of Brahmanical Hindutva fascist forces in any form!

- Fight against imperialist comprador bureaucratic bourgeois and feudal classes in the success of New Democratic Revolution!

Abhay Spokesperson

Central Committee CPI(Maoist)


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