INDIA - New's on People's War

In the year of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the PLGA, the People's War intensified. Since the beginning of the year the reaction has increased its attacks against the revolutionaries and also against the civilians.

With the beginning of the year 2021, the reaction announced that 100 cadres CPI (Maoist) from the districts of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra are moving to Madhya Pradesh to expand the bases. For this reason, six more paramilitary forces were drafted into the areas, especially in the Mandla district, in order to also put the local tribes under pressure.

On January 5th, the PLGA was able to repel a major attack by the Central Reserve Police Forse (CRPF) and the CoBRA in the Bijapur (Chhattisgarh) district. With an ambush in early January in the Kandhamal (Odisha) district, during a large “combing and cleaning operation” by the special unit, the cadres were largely able to free themselves and start a counterattack.

At the end of January the minister from Chhattisgarh announced that the CPI (Maoist) was on the retreat and had been put on the defensive by the operations, while at the same time the actions of the special commandos were intensified. That is just another hoax tactic of reaction. At the end of January, the cadre of the CPI (Maoist) set trucks and tractors of a road construction company in Madhya Pradesh on fire. In this mainly red area, a road should be built by the central government.

A battle was reported in Odisha in early February. The reactionary security forces were concentrated in the Bolangir district due to “Maoist movement”, whereupon they were heavily shelled by the PLGA during an operation.

On February 7th, an officer was seriously injured during a COBRA "cleanup" operation in Jharkhand. The use of special forces is now being intensified. According to the reactionary reports, a great deal of material from the CPI (Maoist) was stolen and the area was neutralized, and the local population was asked to participate in the operations.

At the same time, false reports continue to spread that, for example, the activities of violence by the CPI (Maoist) in Odisha in the south have "declined considerably", with battles taking place again and again in the regions there. Several soldiers were seriously injured in an attack by the CRPF in Jharkhand in mid-February. The search operation of the CRPF was discovered by the PLGA and was successfully repulsed and incapacitated. At the same time, the Deputy Police Director of Maharashtra reported an increase in the use of the security forces, as the cadres in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are now increasing.

At the end of February, CPI (Maoist) posters and leaflets were seen in West Bengal. In these leaflets, the reaction is called upon to lower gasoline and diesel prices, the withdrawal of agricultural laws and the immediate cessation of caste violence and the repressive violence of the police.

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