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INDIA – New military plan for “counter-insurgency”

On 26th of September the Indian Home minister held a meeting with 10 state Chief ministers. The topic: a new counter-insurgency program against the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the People’s War, the Indian revolution.

The self-set goal was “to concentrate one year on Maoist issue to eliminate it completely.” This is not the first time the old Indian state has done this. “Apart from various phases of repression as per the policy of Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) of US imperialism … it took up special campaigns in the past two decades such as Jan Jagaran, Peace Committee, Sendra, Salwa Judum, Operation Green Hunt and the present SAMADHAN strategic offensive since 2017.” the CPI(Maoist) writes in February 2021. “There are increasing attacks on the people, atrocities on women, destruction of developmental activities undertaken by the RPC [the „revolutionary people‘s committees“, the organs of new state power built in revolution] such as schools, hospitals and special activities to hike production.“

The CPI(Maoist) brings this kind of progress to the people. It liberates the people from the rule of the imperialists, who exploit the working forces and resources of the country. The imperialists are greatly worried about loosing power over India, a semi-colonial, semi-feudal country.

So there is an increase in the incredibly cruel counter-revolutionary attacks. Before, the old Indian state has applied the method to turn masses against masses, when it organized the poor peasants to fight against their neighbors, a movement called “Salwa Judum”. When the Salwa Judum was defeated, an all-out offensive of central and state paramilitary troops started, called “Operation Green Hunt”. For OGH, US military advisers became directly active in the struggle against the People’s War in a huge amount. Which each new plan, the repression and genocidal violence on the people increased. Today’s SAMADHAN offensive was created, when also the OGH would prove ineffective in suppressing the movement. As the party writes back in February,“In this situation an ambush in Minapa villageon 20th March 2020 gave ‘samadhan’ (answer) to SAMADHAN.” Operation Prahar, a vital offensive inside SAMADHAN “The previous military operation prahaar which was conducted in between 2020 Nov to 2021 June … was completely defeated by the people's war. The state and central forces got heavy losses in that campaign. … The revolutionary masses and the people's militia eliminated at least 90 police men and injured 269.”

Now the Indian home minister has announced something that the party calls a „new and higher military plan“. This will probably still be under the pretexts of SAMADHAN, but on another level. For example, with all previous plans, the deceptive „developemental aid“ was a big part of counter-insurgency in the areas where the CPI(Maoist) was driven away, to give the people crumbs in exchange for theirrevolutionary power. Now the Indian ruling class„left all the peopleʹs issues aside and prepared a military plan to eradicate the Maoists with a big budget.“

The successes of the revolution show the superiority of People’s War, the military theory of the proletariat. This is grounded in the politics of the party, that serve the interests of the people. This new military plan will bring even more attacks and atrocities on the people. But it shows, that the communists and revolutionaries are doing their work well.



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