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INDIA – CPI(Maoist) calls up for Martyrs Week from 28th July to 3rd August

CPI(Maoist) is calling up to observe martyrs week form 28th July to 3rd August to honour its martyrs and uphold the struggle against the old Indian state.

In AOB region, security forces are on heightened alert and are controlling all borders. All vehicles attempting to cross the borders are being searched.

CPI(Maoist) banners and posters have been spotted in large parts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Chhattisgarh states calling upon the sections of the people to celebrate the week and honour the martyrs. Banners and posters were also fixed in Jarkhand state demanding that police camps be removed from schools and the confiscated land be distributed to the poor and landless.

In Telangana state, in Mulugu district, CPI(Maoist) criticized government through banners and posters strongly for the lack of health care for the people in times of pandemic and condemned the arrests of intellectuals, human rights activists in the name of Naxalites.

Honour and solidarity to the martyrs of the people‘s war in India!

Support the People's War in India!

Long live the CPI(Maoist)!

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