CHINA – July 1st: 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of China

Today 100 years ago the glorious Communist Party of China was founded in Shanghai. Under the leadership if Chairman Mao Zedong this party led the 400 Million People in China to revolution. Today the party is a social-fascist, revisionist party, which is representing the ruling classes of imperialist china. With a “red” cover, they try to distract the people’s masses. But also today the Maoists in China take up the red flag to give back the real communist Party to the oppressed and exploited.

As a true communist party the Communist Party of China led the masses and organized them. When Japanese fascism occupied China, it was the Communist Party which led the victorious struggle of the people for freedom as part of the international struggle against fascism. In 1949 the imperialist oppression was smashed and a New Democratic state was build up, in which the Communist Party struggled to lead the masses in their way to build up socialism. With the experiences of the revisionists taking the power in the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of China mobilized the masses for the “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution”, the biggest mass movement in human history. They called the masses to “struggle against the old ideas” of feudalism and reaction and by that they dove forward revolution and strengthened the socialist development in the country. With these historical victories, the Communist Party of China gave important victories to the proletariat and the peoples in the world. Chairman Mao Zedong developed in the struggle the proletarian ideology to a new, third and last stage: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

After the counter-revolution in 1976 the revisionists took the power of the party and changed its character. But despite that attack, the Communist Party of China and its Chairman Mao gave lessons which are the guidance for revolution until today.

We want to point out on that day Chinese Communists, who are struggling today for the reconstitution of the Communist Party, to give back to party to the working class and the people’s masses. Here is the webpage of these Chinese communists: