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INDIA - Labor rights overridden due to “Corona crisis”

Below we publish a translation of an Article from the Austrian newspaper "Antifascist Action":

In India, often referred in the western world as "the greatest democracy in the world", all labor rights and labor laws have now been suspended - for the next three years! The so-called “corona crisis” is now used as an excuse to justify the capitalists' crisis. Now the Indian reactionary government is taking advantage of the "corona crisis" and is overriding all labor rights in almost all states "to boost the economy again". This includes statutory regulations such as minimum wages, protection against dismissal, working hours and much more. Union rights such as the formation of a union or the right to protest are now also overridden. But not only in the states in which the party BJP, which the ruling government of India puts with the President Modi, do labor rights expire, also in the states in which opposition parties are in power, are on this anti-democratic, fascist course. As in other parts of the world, the so-called "corona measures" hit the masses of oppressed countries once again. In India, migrant workers in particular are suffering from the current conditions! Millions of migrant workers, who already have no rights in the Indian caste system, fall into even greater misery because they receive no support from the state, not even food or accommodation. Hundreds have already been murdered by this failure of the old Indian state - they died of exhaustion because they were given no food or shelter! The general crisis of capital is deepening worldwide in an uneven form. The rulers are trying to use the current corona pandemic as an excuse to implement their attacks even faster and to deepen their exploitation and oppression.

History shows, however, that the workers and oppressed resist and fight against the increasingly heinous attacks by capitalists and imperialists! Earlier this year (the "Antifascist Action - Info Sheet" reported) there was the biggest strike in human history, for the third time in a row, in India. 250 million workers and peasants protested and went on strike against the hostile and anti-democratic attacks by the reactionary Indian government! This attack does not go unanswered either - the masses in India are fighting back and fighting. The largest revolution in the world today is also taking place in India and is making great strides, particularly in the current situation of the sharp political crisis.

Immediate restoration of labor rights and labor laws in India! No shifting of the “Corona” crisis burden onto the working class and the masses! Support the People's War in India! Long live proletarian internationalism! Lal Salam!

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