USA - Rebellion after racist murder

After racist murder, demonstrations and militant clashes with security forces are spreading throughout the country!

After the murder of a black man by the police in Minneapolis, there have been riots and violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces for days now.

On Monday night, May 25th, George Floyd was brutally murdered during a police operation. Shortly thereafter, a vide was released which clearly documents the murder. This further racist murder now brought (and still brings) another wave of justified hatred against US imperialism and racism on the streets! Since Tuesday, thousands have been taking to the streets and rebelling in various cities. In numerous cases there are militant clashes with the police. The police station in question even has even been evacuated, the CBS Minnesota station reported, citing a police report. "Demonstrators have violently entered the building and have started several fires," the station further quoted from the announcement. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, where George Floyd was murdered, authorities now imposed a 20:00 curfew after the struggles continued since Tuesday. The rulers of the USA are also calling in the National Guard for help and are now already talking about the deployment of the army. The justified protests, however, do not stop, the demonstrators are not intimidated, but continue to grow!

It is right to rebel!

Death to imperialism! Down with US imperialism!

Militant struggle in Minneapolis:

On Thursday afternoon there were also militant protests in Los Angeles. The protesters blocked a freeway and attacked two police vehicles.

In Atlanta, Georgia, hundreds attacked CNN headquarters, destroying windows, doors and parts of the interior. In front of the building, the masses fought the security forces and set fire to a police car, and the windows of a luxury hotel were smashed. As a result, the governor also declared a state of emergency and announced the deployment of the National Guard.

In Los Angeles, California, there were several clashes with the police during militant demonstrations in the city center. Police forces were pelted with stones, police vehicles were damaged, one police officer was wounded in hand-to-hand combat. During the evening and night, highways were repeatedly blocked and demonstrators engaged in fights with police. Also in Texas, Portland, New York City, Oakland, Detroit, Washington and others demonstration and militant clashes took place.

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