USA - Anti-imperialist actions against war on Iran!

Several actions against the imperialist aggression against Iran have been made in the USA. A Graffiti in Austin directly attacks one military recruitment office, another was made on the street and in Pittsburgh activists protested in front of one military recruitment office! Following we published an report from


AUSTIN: Anti-Imperialist Graffiti Covers Front of Military Recruitment Office

Graffiti recently appeared across the front of the Armed Forces Career Center at 9500 S IH 35 Frontage Rd in Austin, reading “Combat + Resist US Imperialism!” along with X’s over the doors and a large hammer and sickle. The office recruits for all the branches of the US military, including the Army, Marines, Navy, and Airforce.

The action comes as part of a wave of protests against the US military in response to the belligerent US assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. Despite the Trump administration’s efforts to backpedal from the brazen act of imperialist aggression, the anger against US imperialism continues to rise both at home and abroad. In Iraq on Friday, hundreds of thousands of protesters filled the streets of Baghdad demanding the US military leave the country.

Earlier this month in Austin, graffiti was spotted close to the state capitol which read “No War with Iran! Death to US imperialism!

In other parts of the country, revolutionaries and activists have also targeted US military recruitment centers. In Charlotte, a banner reading “Combat & Resist US Imperialism” was hung from another Armed Forces Career Center, and flyers reading “Death to US imperialism, Military Recruiters Out of Working Class Communities, No War on Iran” were wheatpasted to the windows.

In Pittsburgh, the Anti-Imperialist Committee led a protest of the local military recruitment center, blocking the entrance and facing off with the police. As US imperialism continues to antagonize and oppress Iran, these militant actions against the domestic US military presence will grow.

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