PHILIPPINES - Anti-Trump-Demonstration in Manila

On Sunday there was a huge demonstration in Manila after the President of the USA arrived. Reason for his arrival is his appearance at the summit conference of the "Association of Southeast Asian Nations" (ASEAN). ASEAN is a union of southeast asian nations, with main office in Indonesia. Target of this union is a common economic area like EU. Together with the EU, Australia etc, the USA is a so called "dialog partner" of this union. The summit conference started on Monday, the 13th of November.

The masses struggled against Trumps arrival with Anti-USA-slogans and the slogan "Fight against Trump, fascism and imperialism". Also flags of the USA were burned at the demonstrations.

The demonstration was stopped by police with water tanks and police batons 1 km in front of the place where the summit conference took place. But the masses were not frightened and struggled on!

US-Imperialism is the main enemy of the people of the world! Death to imperialism!