INDIA - Activities on 100 anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution

The activities and celebrations on the 100 anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution in India is taken place from the 7th until the 13th of November. Within these activities the Koraput-Srikakulam division of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) put up posters on various places in Narayanpatna to mobilize the people for the campaign, in order to fight for the New Democratic Revolution in India.

The poster calls up the workers to fight for eight hours work, minimum wages, social security and labor law, it calls up the suppressed minorities, to fight together against the fascistic Operation Green Hunt. It also calls up to struggle against fake encounters, arrests and imprisonment of revolutionaries and communists. The October Revolution shows the masses that only the struggle for the power, under the leadership of the proletariat can wipe away the old state and the imperialists. Celebrating the 100 years of October Revolution is to go further in their struggle for the New Democratic Revolution. This is what they show with their posters.

Similar posters were also found in Bandhugaon on November the 3rd, which are a proof for the maoist’s activities in that area.