PERU - Highest mortality rate from Covid-19

The deepening of the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism, which underlies the deepening of the general crisis of capitalism, is expressed particularly strongly in Peru. With the Corona pandemic, the general crisis is aggravating even more and hit the people of Peru particularly hard. According to the Peruvian government, 28.000 of the approximately 33 million inhabitants, have died of Corona since March, according to official figures. In mid-August, Peru became the country with the highest mortality rate in the world.

These figures, which were presented by the fascist government, are based on tests that only showed whether a person had already been infected with Covid-19, but not whether they had an acute infection. Through this "detection" and a comparatively low level of testing, the old Peruvian state is trying to create confusion. It is trying to hide the extent of the death and misery caused by the imperialists and its servants in Peru. The rulers of the old Peruvian state argue that the death figures are only so high because they are the "most honest" in making the numbers public. So they try to attribute the consequences of the general crisis in Peru only to the Corona pandemic. The Peruvian people have hardly any access to any kind of state support, neighter to medical care. More and more parts of the public sector are being privatised, bleeding the Peruvian people dry.

While the Corona pandemic has temporarily closed several sectors of the economy, there is no support from the old Peruvian state for the people. According to official figures, this has led to a so-called excess mortality rate of 65,000 people since March. The high level of aggressiveness with which the Imperialists, mainly US imperialism exploits and oppresses the people of Peru with the help of its puppet regime is the main reason of these enormous numbers of deaths.