BRAZIL - Military police cowardly surrounds peasant camp

According to reports of the people's newspaper from Brazil, A Nova Democracia, the military police cowardly prevents the peasants from the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) of Rondônia and Western Amazonia from entering and leaving the camp Tiago dos Santos.

In a video, which is published in this article, the peasants themselves, women, mothers and children from the camp denounce the siege carried out by the Military Police, they demand milk and food and claim that the children have been lacking milk since the 5th of October.

Acoording to the newspaper A Nova Democracia the peasants are very concerned about the violation of the rights of the peasants and that things like murders, tortures, humiliations against innocent peasants can happen.

By the press lies were propagated, that the murder of a policeman would have happened in the camp, even though there are no proofs for that. The death of the policeman happend dozens of kilometers away from the camp. In a note issued by the League of poor peasants it says that the death of the policeman is the result of a struggle between bands of military police, gunmen and other groups and has nothing to do with the poor peasants. They also claim that in the Camp of Tiago dos Santos there are more than 600 families struggling for a land of more than 57 thousand hectares, which were criminally and illegally grabbed and stolen by the landowner Antônio Martins dos Santos.

The accusation of the death of the policeman is obviously only a pretext to criminalize the struggle of the poor peasants. That shameful pretext is used to implement further repression against the struggle of the peasants and especially their important organization, the League of poor peasants. They call for the voices of the democrats and peoples tu rise immediately the demand: "All these accusations is to hide something very serious and justify a massacre! Long live the struggle for land! Land for those who live and work there!"