BRAZIL - Let us all take up the international solidarity campaign with the struggling peasants

With deepest class hatred the attacks of the Brazilian reaction against the revolutionary peasant movement are to be condemned! As pointed out in the call for the international solidarity campaign, the Brazilian state is intensifying its attacks against the peasant movement and at the same time is preparing a heinous massacre against the peasants of Rondonia.

In 1995, 500 oppressed peasants took land in Rondonia in the area of the Hacienda Santa Elina, which amounted to 20,000 hectares. The large landowners of the hacienda, with the help of the Brazilian state, responded with a large-scale massacre. Entire peasant families, women and children were murdered in the most heinous manner. This August 1995 went down in history as the massacre of Corumbiara. The peasants were able to avert an even greater scale with their heroic struggle. The heroic resistance of the peasants of Santa Elina has been known to the revolutionary movement ever since as the "Battle of Santa Elina." Last year, on its 25th anniversary, the peasants were able to unite under the slogans "The land of the former Santa Elina belongs to the people! Land for those who work on it!" Recovered territories, divided it among the peasant families and cultivated it in the interest of the people of the whole region!

This revolutionary democratic struggle in the interest of the Brazilian people, is answered by the old state with violence, with a massacre. The government of Rondonia, led by the governor, a colonel of the military police, Marcos Rocha and the security minister Cisneiro Pachá, "the butcher of Santa Elina", who already 26 years ago served the big landowners well by his atrocities, try everything to enforce the interests of the imperialists as well as the bureaucratic capital and the big landowners.

For this purpose, they launched a large-scale repression campaign in which they use targeted assassinations, torture, imprisonment as well as a slander campaign. The aim of this campaign is to criminalize the revolutionary peasant movement led by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) and to isolate it as much as possible with lies.

In contrast, the LCP called for an international solidarity campaign! This call has been heeded and a strong international solidarity campaign is developing. Already in several countries, as for example in Bolivia, USA, Austria and Germany first actions were accomplished in support of the fight of the oppressed farmers of Brazil.

Let us all take up this international solidarity campaign in the service of the new democratic revolution in Brazil, of the proletarian world revolution and the international proletariat with full strength and support it energetically!

The land of the former Santa Elina belongs to the people!

Long live the LCP!

Long live the heroic struggle of the peasants of Corumbiara!

Long live the New Democratic Revolution!