BRAZIL - Headquarter of newspaper "A Nova Democracia" was sabotaged!

On August the 13th a sabotage against the internet system at the headquarters of the revolutionary newspaper "A Nova Democracia" was carried out.

A person presenting himself as a technician from the internet and telephone company accessed the building and said he wanted to "verify the possibility to install an operator". He went to a place below the location of the headquarters and used the opportunity to cut off internet and telephone wires with pliers. The real technicians from the company, that arrived later to repair this damage, confirmed that this had without a doubt been a sabotage action.

The company itself also clarified that their workers never attend without a work order, evidencing that this "technician" had been in fact an infiltrated element. Months before this attack, another person had been seen around the headquarters checking the routine, departure time and closing of the building. This happened during 2 weeks all amidst the COVID-19 quarantine.

A Nova Democracia classifies this act as an act of psychological warfare. It's a means the fascists and reactionaries use to silence newspapers that decry the attacks on the people. The perpetrators do it in such a way that they don't show their own involvement. They know, that if they would, the masses would show broad support with these democratic and people's newspapers!

This is no surprise, as A Nova Democracia points out, the newspaper has been constantly showing the genocide and attacks against the Brazilian people by the Brazilian state, either through the military, the police or through economic and sanitary negligence, which really shows with the COVID-19 pandemic, that has cost 100.000 lives in Brazil!

It is no news that the Brazilian state treats the Brazilian people with such disdain and violence, whether it be economic, sanitary or military, in the streets in the fields or in the jungle. The sharpening of the contradictions especially during the pandemic are showing this even more so. A Nova Democracia, who has been reporting on this, showing the depths of the misery caused by the Brazilian state on their covers and articles, has thus become a target of this attack for showing what needs to be shown and what the Brazilian state doesn't want anyone to see.

That also counts for the people, organizations and movements, who A Nova Democracia has offered a voice to and whose struggles they have also supported. We want to close this article with an unofficial translation of their closing statement regarding this attack:

"From this tribune, we always denounce the prey of our natural wealth by imperialism, the exploitation of the workers by billionaire corporations in the country and abroad - who pay starvation wages and profit doesn't even stay in the country - the killing in the slums, the latifundium and its insane war against the peasants and indigenous people, the plundering of the national economy by financial capital, etc. If the people suffer, if they suffer with the lack of basic services, with the increase in the price of the basic basket, with the lack of housing, with the low salary and the family problems that arise from a life always on the edge, everything has to do with the domination of the classes of the big bourgeois and landowners and imperialism, and the liberation of the people will come with the devastation of these classes. These are irreconcilable interests, and the blessings of some come from the misery of others. The Revolution of New Democracy, uninterrupted by Socialism, which will eliminate all the misfortunes that weigh on the popular masses, whether or not they want the enemies of the people, will impose itself and sweep away from our homeland all the rottenness, obscurantism, reactionaryism and suffering of the popular masses. The masses themselves will do it. Nothing and no one can stop them.

A Nova Democracia newspaper, in its more than 18 years of existence, has kept its independence unchanged, denouncing and unmasking the reactionary government of FHC, the PT's opportunist and now, more than ever, doing so in the midst of the establishment of the de facto military government that emerged from the ongoing military coup, which through scientific analysis we had foreseen since 2017.

In all this time we have fought and brought to light the bowels and machinations of the old Brazilian state and its dominant imperialist classes, in particular the villainous actions of the latifundia in our country.

We never received a penny from banks or electioneering parties. All our funding has always come from the support of our readers, collaborators and enthusiasts of the popular and democratic press. In this context where popular struggles tend to take on new proportions, their support is more necessary than ever and decisive."

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We condemn the putrid sabotage of the fascists and reactionaries trying to silence the revolutionary democratic press!

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