BRAZIL - 3.000 Soldiers prepare a Massacre against Tiago Campin dos Santos area

The democratic and revolutionary newspaper "A Nova Democracia" spread the information that a new massaker is planned against the peasant movement. Following we document a unofficial translation:

Late in the afternoon of Saturday, October 16, we received in our editorial office the video of a peasant woman from Nova Mutum Paraná, in Rondônia. The video shows dozens of vehicles belonging to the Military Police (PM) of Rondônia, the National Security Forces and the Federal Police. It is also possible to see at least two military helicopters flying over an area that includes a landing zone. This is a gigantic war apparatus that the repressive forces of the old state are building near Tiago Campin dos Santos' camp.

Since Saturday 16 October, more than 3,000 soldiers have been mobilised to suppress the struggle for land. In the photo: Peasants in Tiago dos Santos camp. amid the resistance in October 2020. Photo: AND database

Recently, the peasants organised in the People's Assembly declared that they are facing a new attempt to evict them from their land. The peasants also explained that they have organised themselves in a struggle for a piece of land and that the governor of Rondonia, Marcos Rocha (a loyal ally of the fascist Bolsonaro) has been trying for months to attack them and deny them their constitutional right to land. In recent months there has already been a massacre in which 3 peasants were killed in the rural area of Porto Velho, the state capital.

Below is the video. New information coming soon.

URGENTE! - RO: Mais de 3 mil soldados se preparam para novo massacre na Área Tiago Campin dos Santos

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— A Nova Democracia (@jornaland) October 17, 2021