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Colombia: Youth commemorates June 8 and 9: Day of the militant students of the people

Young revolutionaries called for action in the city of Medellín this Wednesday, June 10, in solidarity with the uprising of the American people, in rejection of state repression and the murder of the people's children, and also in rejection of the recent influx of new US troops into the country.

This year's event took place in the context of the restrictive measures imposed by the state to attack human freedoms and rights. Shortly before the demonstration, a statement by the city's mayor's office circulated in the local media, saying that "protests on public streets are forbidden" and that it is "not responsible" to hold them in the middle of the pandemic. This is the hypocrisy and cynicism of the ruling classes of this country, because it is their responsibility to drive people from their homes, to condemn them to misery, to oppress those who go to work every day to feed their families, to force people to use public transport, to be crammed into work to make the rich richer. It is their responsibility to make the masses choose between death by the virus and starvation. But to raise our voice and mobilise ourselves to defend our rights, to reject repression and demand food, health, work and decent living conditions for people, that is irresponsible?

The young people were not intimidated by the threats of the old state and decided to continue the mobilisation day despite the strong presence of police at the meeting point. The activity began with the preparation of some posters, which were later put up at the entrance of the university, expressing the justice of the student and popular struggle, the importance of the commemoration date, the rejection of state repression and other issues.

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