INTERNATIONAL – 1st of May 2020 report: The red flag was held high!

On an international level the imperialists and their lackeys are leading huge attacks at the working class and the people‘s masses under the cover of „health“ and „fight against the Corona-Virus“. Repression, mass unemployment, poverty, risk of the people‘s health and death is their answer of the imperialists since the last months. Even the 1st of may, the international day of struggle of the proletariat, it‘s 130th anniversary, should be forbidden in most of the countries, while the workers and peoples further have to go to work for „the economy“, for the capital! It were the revolutionary and communist forces and the struggling masses who defended this year's and historical 1st of May! Especially we want to point out the international 1st of May Declaration from Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations "Cast away the illusions and launch into fight!", which is an excellent expression of giving perspective and way to the progressive, revolutionary and communist forces and shows the tasks of the communists to lead the struggles.

That situation of the deepening of the general crisis of capitalism led to an upswing of people‘s struggles, strikes and resistance, against the shifting of the crisis on the working class and the masses, against the risk of their health. The progressive, revolutionary and communist forces and the people‘s masses in most of the countries struggled for this 1st of may, putting the demands of the masses at the forefront of their struggles and showed a lively, combative and revolutionary expression and connection with the masses at that important day. With doing so, they followed the great Friedrich Engels, who personally initiated 130 years ago the international day of struggle of the proletariat, then with the main demand of eight hours working day. Here we want to give an overview on extracts of the activities which took place on the 1st of may, which also includes the creative applications of the historical teachings of Friedrich Engels: deeper connections with the masses, placing the demands of the proletariat and the masses at the top of the struggles and giving perspective in their struggles. That is why this year we don‘t only report on that one day of 1st of May, but also about extracts of the work which was developed that last months, which was the prerequisite for making that day a success, against the attempts to forbid it. Here we also want to point out that there is an antiimperialist declaration on the Corona pandemic "Down with Imperialism: Robber of Work, Health and Wage!", which is a strong signal of Internationalism and the unity in the antiimperialist struggle. It shows the lie of a "solidary" European Union and its real character, an imperialist alliance,

Last we want to point out the international character of the 1st of may, because the working class is an international class and struggles together with the oppressed people‘s and nations. That day also shows the necessity of struggling for unification of the communist forces, and their most advanced parts, the marxists-leninists-maoists, the necessity of learning from each other, from the most advanced struggles and develop the struggle in the service of proletarian world revolution. Long live the 1st of may 2020, international day of struggle of the proletariat! Long live proletarian internationalism!


In Brazil the revolutionary forces put up a banner with the slogan "Long live 1st of May! Rebellion is justified!", carried out by the Coletivo Revolucionário Carcará (CRC) in Fortaleza. The Workers League made an 1st of May declaration, to hold high a struggling and class-conscious 1st of May 2020.

In many parts of Brazil there were formed People’s Defense Sanatary Committees, to help the people with hygiene-materials, and health issues, because the reactionary government doesn’t care about the people’s health. These committees were established in the period before 1st of May and held many meetings. Also peasants formed their Committee, like in the rural area of the municipality of Lagoa dos Gatos. They are there to organize water and medical supply, to prevent the threat of possible new Corona-virus cases and a lot more.


The People‘s Liberation Guerilla Army, the Army of the oppressed and exploited, blew up a strategic important bridge on the 1st of may. That bridge is crossing Dumam river in the Chhattisharh‘s Dentewada district. The bridge, which was destroyed with a planted IED, connected the cities of Kuakonda and Katekalyan. The PLGA, under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), is very strong in that district and by blowing up the bridge they make it very difficult for the reactionary forces to move their troops, in order to fight the People‘s War. There are also reports that the old Indian state intended to set up a police base in Tetam. The people‘s war in India, the revolution in India, ist the politically most progressive struggle of the proletariat and the masses worldwide. To develop the work and struggle of the proletariat and the masses, to hold high and defend the 1st of May, and especially its 130th anniversary, is struggling shoulder to shoulder on an international level against oppression and exploitation, the people‘s wars in the front of the struggles.


In Ecuador, the revolutionaries held a week of actions to celebrate the 1st of May. In Imbabura the mobilizations were carried out by the Defense Front of the Workers of Imbabura, with combative actions in the province of Chimborazo. Also the Poor Peasant Committees celebrated the 1st of May in three more provinces in the country.

Also the General Union of Health Workers called for demonstrations in several provinces. Also several graffiti against the Moreno’s government were carried out across the country.

The revolutionaries showed that it is time to ‘unite in the face of the crisis’ against imperialism and its local lackeys and that a correct ideological line is determining to advance in the struggle.


In Santiago de Chile revolutionaries made a banner action to remember the founder of the Communist Party of Chile, Luis Emilio Recabarren, great leader of the working class in Chile. In the whole country various activities were made to hold high the banner of 1st of may, the international day of the struggle of the proletariat. In Sanitago the protests were attacked, but the revolutionaries and masses defended the 1st of may.


In Mexico there was published on 1st of May the first edition of a new people’s and democratic newspaper, the “Mural”. It describes to serve the needs of the class struggles of the people and their unification. Also the editors declare that the people’s masses lack a newspaper of this nature.

As well the "Sol Rojo Mexico" published a declaration on the 1st of may: First of May (1890-2020) 130 years of international proletarian celebration! Click here to read the full declaration in english.


In France the „Young revolutionaries“ made powerful actions in a lot of cities of the country, despite the fact that no demonstrations were allowed.. They used red flags and banners to hold high 1st of may and to develop the struggle for people‘s solidarity and against the ruling class as answer to the crisis manegment of the bourgeoisie. The spread the demands of this 1st of may threw windows and different banner actions.


In Austria various activities were developed to make this 1st of May a great expression of the struggle of the proletariat and the masses. At the demonstrations the revolutionaries criticized the position of capitulation, to stay at home on 1st of may. In different forms, on the countryside and in the cities the 1st of May was hild high and defended with the slogans: "Resist and struggle: for work, health and wages! The capitalists should pay for the crisis!" and "Organize the masses in the service of Proletarian World Revolution". In the demonstrations many people attended who wanted to struggle and defend that 1st of may. Read the full report also here on NewEpoch Media.


In Northern Ireland, Irish socialist Republicans from South Leinster made a banner on 1st of May.


In Istanbul an Ankara, at least 45 people were detained by the repressive forces of the Turkish state, while trying to organize demonstrations on 1st of May. At least 15 people were arrested when a group of people met in Istanbul and tried to march to the Taksim square. Also in other cities activists were arrested when trying to hold high 1st of May. Totally more than 44.000 police were mobilized to prevent 1st of may demonstrations. Despite that demonstrations were held by revolutionary forces.


Revolutionary and antiimperialist forces in Serbia made various actions on that 1st of may. In different places and cities the activists held high the revolutionary struggle and the necessity to struggle against capitalism.


Revolutionarys made posters for the 1st of May in Romania. Despite there is a huge campaign of militarization and repression is currently waged out by the imperialists and their puppets in Romania, the red flag was hold high.


Revolutionaries in Finland gathered to honor the martyrs of the revolution of 1918. The also used banners to show the need to struggle against repression in the course of Corona-virus and against the shifting of the costs of the crisis on the working class.


In Germany may people attended the demonstrations, even more than were allowed by the state. But the demonstrators achieved to marched even though. Revolutionaries had a banner which says "1st of May can not be forbidden" and also hang up many red flags in different cities.


In Sweden the revolutionary forces made actions with banners, in order to hold high the people‘s wars in India, Peru, Turkey and in the Philippines. The people‘s wars are to most developed revolutionary struggles in the world and strategic axis of the proletarian world revolution.


In Norway in five different cities a lot of powerful actions have been done by the revolutionary movement, as well as a propaganda campaign which was spread even to much more places. In one city they gathered in front of a stature of Knut Olai Thornæs. They also made banners with the important slogan „Proletarians of all countries, unite!“ and placed it very popular in busy places .They used red flags and spread leaflets, masks and gloves, they held up First May and also organized rallies.


In Denmark the revolutionaries went on the streets to spread leaflets and hold high the red flag despite the repressive laws.


In the United States, a 1st of may march was held in Austin, Texas. The participants carried the pictures of the classics of Marxism and held held high many red flags. Fascists and also the police tried to attack the march, but the revolutionaries could finish the march at its final destination, a prison, to show solidarity with activists who had been arrested earlier in the day as a result of a rent strike.

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