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CHILE - Massage on the International Celebration of 200 years of Karl Marx

200 Years: Speech of the Red Fraction of the Communist Party of Chile

We document following massage from:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

The Red Fraction of the Communist Party of Chile brings the communist greet to each one of the comrades that are reunited today to celebrate the 200 years of the birth of the founder of our scientific ideology, the great Karl Marx.

We reaffirm ourselves in the scientific ideology that Karl Marx founded and in the internationalist slogan and chant that after 160 years still propagates firmly and strongly in all corners of the world: Proletarians of all countries, unite! It fills us of pride to have been part of the joint actions the comrades of numerous corners of the world of the planet made to raise this slogan with flag hoisting acts and actions in honor to our first proletarian great leader.

These actions and this celebration is magnificent, but we also want to express that we consider that the best way to celebrate the great Marx is by following his example and applying his legacy.

Since Marx and Engels joined efforts, their restless work indeleble brought the internationalist seal and had to overcome all kind of difficulties to give birth to the science of the proletariat, the sole scientific ideology. Their work gifted the international proletariat with a mission, a program, defined common means and tasks to defy its class enemies.

It was by following this example and applying this legacy that the great Lenin, great leader of the glorious Bolshevik Party, and both great leadership and party, heading the deep and broad masses of Russia, later achieved victory of the proletarian revolution in October 1917, immediately establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat and opening the path for the socialist construction and raising marxism to a new stage, turning it into marxism-leninism.

Soon it was Chairman Mao, the great helmsman, as the great leadership of the CPCh who led the proletariat and the people in the revolution and reached other two milestones: the Chinese revolution and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, which through fragor and in struggle against contemporary revisionism raised marxism to a new, third and superior stage: maoism. Maoism is the new third and superior stage of marxism. To e marxist today is to be marxist-leninist-maoist.

Today we communists have magnific conditions to continue the task initiated by Marx. The international situation of growing disorder is presented as most favorable to make the world proletarian revolution decidedly advance. The condition of hegemonic superpower of the yanke imperialism and the reach of its dominion increasingly turns against itself. But at the same time the current situation of thr International Communist Movement is characterized by the dispersion on the fields of ideological, firstly and principally, as well as in political and organizational field.

We have maoism, but the task to put it as command and guide of the world proletarian revolution is in the current agenda. Its fulfillment requires constitute or reconstitute militarized communist parties, propel the ongoing People’s Wars and unleash new People’s Wars on all countries.

This is why in this celebration of the 200 years of the great Marx, the maoists in Chile greet the ICM by expressing that we are decided to fulfill the task of reconstitute the Communist Party that our great leadership Luis Emilio Recabarren founded in 1922 and of initiating the People’s War in our country. We will make it on the base of the application of marxism-leninism-maoism and the contributions of universal validity of gonzalo thought. We also reaffirm in the internationalist task of contributing to the unity of the maoists in a United Maoist International Conference that serves to prevent the risk that our isolated efforts are punished with the common defeat, according to what Marx warned us in the opening manifesto of the Workers International Association.

We greet the People’s Wars in India, Peru, Turkey and Philippines. We greet the parties and organizations that carry on forward the reconstitution of their parties and the preparatives for new People's Wars. We greet the world proletariat and the peasantry, the main force of revolution in the oppressed nations.

Long live the 200 years of the Great Marx! Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Red Fraction of the Communist Party of Chile June 2018

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