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BRAZIL - Declaration of the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction)

In the following we document a Declaration of the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction), Central Committee, which is an important contribution for the deepening of the ideological struggle in the international revolutionary and communist movement. (source:

Proletarians of all countries, unite! On the incidents of the 1st of May in Berlin, internationalism and the two lines struggle for the unity of the International Communist Movement To the International Communist Movement, the proletarian revolutionaries in Germany and the anti-imperialists in the whole world: In the 1st of May, the so called “Jugendwiderstand” [“Youth Resistance”] (JW) deliberately attacked revolutionary activists during the march of the 1st of May in Berlin. The activists who were attacked were part of the Internationalist Block and carried scarfs and banners of the World Campaign for the 200 years of the Great Karl Marx, with the slogan of “Proletarians of all countries, unite!”. These are the same activists that for a long time, both in Germany and abroad, have been in the front of the International Campaign of Support for the People’s War in India and actions to support the People’s War in India, Peru, Philippines and Turkey, as well as to the revolutionary struggle in Brazil and Latin America. This incident did not result from a heated political debate that could cross the limits, but was a surprise and coward action of aggression, without any justification, against revolutionary militants. It is a grave fact that sinisterly converges with the imperialist reaction, because it happened precisely when the imperialist German state had unleashed a hateful witch hunt, that is still going on, against the revolutionaries who were accused of violent actions during the G20 summit in Hamburg-Germany in July 2017. We consider this a grave problem for all the democratic revolutionary movement in general and the communist revolutionary movement in particular, from which a clear position is demanded by all the true communists and revolutionary democrats. Since its happening we reject and crush such attitudes and we reserved a greater time in order to, based on the close examination of the information and public declarations presented by the organizations that were directly involved, publicly speak. The attacked activists are part of the growing revolutionary movement in Germany, within which a hard and incontrovertible two lines struggle for the necessary, pending, late and great task of reconstituting the Communist Party of Germany is being waged. A struggle and task that are inseparable part of the struggle for the future reconstitution of the Communist International, together with the intense struggle of the marxist-leninist-maoist Parties and organizations of Europe, Asia and Latin America. This whole revolutionary movement in Germany is part of and represents true internationalism, proletarian internationalism. As the Committee Red Flag – CRF from Germany clearly exposed on the happenings, the “JW”, under the direct and personal command of its leader, used the situation in which the Maoists from Berlin were participating in the demonstration to launch a physical aggression against them. It is important to reproduce their description and understanding of the reason of this hysteria: “Our comrades participated in the 18 o’clock demonstration in Berlin with the mentioned front in the international block. There are very different forces active in this demonstration, which always mobilises around 10.000 people. It is not a demonstration led by communists. The people, who organise this demonstration are no people whom we seriously expect to challenge this state, to put it very diplomatically. But it is a demonstration, where the masses want to fight; where revolutionarists want to fight; where the communists have to be to bring the clear voice of the proletariat in this cacophony, this chaos. And this is what the comrades have done. They achieved a spontaneous participation of the masses. The enthusiasm of the masses about the banner of 200 Years Karl Marx meant, that our comrades need not carry it, but gave it into the hands of the masses. And one of them made a very expressive remark. When the comrades asked: Are you not tired, comrade, don’t you want to hand away the banner?, he responded: I will not give away this banner for all my life. This is the work of the Maoists in Berlin.” “This provoked the right liquidationists to deadly hatred. This breed of rats walked behind the rows of the police. The rows, which separate the demonstration from the pedestrians. Then the head of this gang gave the direct order to attack. They stormed through the rows of the police. Of course they have not been hindered by the reactionary state. They specifically targeted the masses of the International Collective Berlin. These wretches have threatened comrades under the operative leadership of their head’s minion. They told the comrades not to do activities in Neukölln, because it would be, in their neanderthalian phrasing, “our hood”. Then, before the masses could mobilise their answer, the rats retreated protected by German police.” …. “In consequence: These breed of rats, who always fled from open ideological and political struggle, who never wrote any document of criticsm against the proletarian vanguard in formation in the FRG, started to attack comrades physically by mobilising lumpen thugs.” “Why is this bunch doing such an attack now? They do so, in order to hide their roaring failure. Nobody shall talk about the fact that their so called 13 o’clock demonstration was a roaring failure. Since they have begun this theater they are fewer and fewer. They get more and more isolated. The only ones who join them are lumpen and reactionaries, no matter what flags they carry. Of course they hate our comrades for that. We proudly declare: Yes, this is our fault. Yes, we countered your mobilisation. Yes, we argued against you. Yes, we denounced your political standpoints. Yes, we sold the Rote Post in Neukölln. And damn good on top of that. And yes, we sold the Klassenstandpunkt in every “left local”. And hence, people like you a little bit less. Yes, we are responsible for your defeat.”... .... “What is the consequence of this? We summarize it like this: Under the conditions of the sharpest anti-communist witch hunt, which threatens hundreds of revolutionaries in the FRG with law suites, the proletarian vanguard in formation progresses closely shoulder to shoulder with the communists all over the world. Against this, there is right liquidationism, that is opposed to wanting a militarized party. They bargain with the struggles of the peoples of the world and, by now, are degenerated to the worst, most degenerated gang mentality, as it can only exist in Berlin. The publication of the Rote Post, a newspaper that gives a voice and an ear to the deepest and broadest masses, made this bunch desperate. It demonstrates the power, the strength, the invincibility of the application of Maoism. When Maoists dare not to limit themselves to general declarations, but to grasp the real problems of the masses in a form and style, that allows the mobilisation, organisation and politisation - in perspective the arming - of the masses, then revisionism has mortal agony. An important result of the distribution of the Rote Post was the attack of three lumpen on two comrades, who sold the Rote Post at Sonnenallee [street in Neukölln]. Draped in thick gold chains and all other signs of lumpen culture, they wanted to forbid the comrades to sell the Rote Post in Neukölln.1” Although in their “answer”, “JW” is attacking the CRF as a “dogmatic”, “ultra dogmatic” sect and of “narrow thought”, they try to evade the problem themselves by attempting to get rid of any responsibility with the misguiding disclaimer that they would be a: “revolutionary youth mass organization - no communist cadre organization, no party, no party-building organization - so we are in the form not bound to any guidelines of these”. Which means, this grouping of youths proclaims themselves to be outside of the limits of the communist movement. Why then did this grouping made an attack against a contingent of the revolutionary activists who are part of the movement in struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany that, as such, is part of the International Communist Movement and the struggle for the future Communist International? And why is this small incident covered with such great importance for the development of the current development of the ICM? On its turn, curiously, since the happening and until now - after the forceful denounciation from the activists and the directly attacked organizations and, also, the cynical declaration and prevarication of facts by the coward aggressors, the “JW”, and the positions taken by other parties of the ICM - some “prominent” characters of the international movement, always very active in these occasions, mentioned nothing regarding it and kept a convenient silence, and although they know the facts they pretend to be deaf, blind and numb and even do not take a clear and public position. It was not by chance that this sinister happening occurred in Germany and in Berlin. For some years the communist movement in Germany experiences a powerful development, because there the advances of the maoist left are being manifested in forceful form, breaking with the complacency of a long tradition of revisionism and reformism. It is the same CRF that, in its declaration, puts forward the contradiction of the proletarian movement in the country: “The ideology of the proletariat was born here. And here it was negated for the first time. Marxism is a “German invention”, but so is revisionism. Bernstein, Kautsky - Germans. Only Germany was capable to create someone like Ebert or Noske. What is clear from the start: In Germany the contradiction has to be sharpened. There is no middle way in Germany, which Marx called the Prussian Smaller Germany, which was founded on the genocide of the Slavic people by the Teutonic Order. There is no “social peace”. In Germany there are two options: Subjugation or fight for life and death. We, who continue the work of Karl Marx on this soil, will not subjugate ourselves. Hence we always insisted that the party of the proletariat has to be a war machine. It has to be a machine of ruthless class war. Communists in this country have to follow this path from the start. This is not an easy way. It is not a way, which is appreciated by those, who want to go on wasting away in this system; those, who want to live in this rotten, dying and parasitic system. It is nothing for those, who want to keep on living as always, those, who want it comfortable, who want to arrange themselves with the situation. Consequently resistance against this path has to develop from those, who want to bargain with the struggle of the peoples of the world, the struggle of the working class, for their own small-minded and lumpen interests because of “personal”, meaning egoistic, individualistic reasons. This is where right liquidationism originates from.”3 The “JW” from Berlin emerged as a group that separated from the CRF for ideological, political and methodical differences, but principally for capitulating in the struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany, refusing the two lines struggle, to be formed as a separategroup. The filthy action of the people of “JW”, as is not hard for anyone to conclude, is a symptom of despair, but also a political and methodical expression of a certain ideology and also not an isolated fact. It is a political action of a militaristic kind that not only is largely distant from the proletarian ideology, politics and method, but is its opposite and joins together with other attitudes present in the ICM, typical to the right line. Such acts are the continuity of the opportunist politics of substituting the two lines struggle in dealing with the contradictions, for the forge of the communist party, the proletarian revolutionary line and for persisting on it, with the tolerance, diplomacy, liberalism, criticism and self-criticism as a rhetoric and administrative methods, divisionism and splitting in practice It is true that facing this split, some forces of the ICM were truly confused or undecided and, due to the lack of further information, kept relations with what revealed itself to be a little gang. Anyone that is truly interested about the situation of what happens in Germany can find documents of the Committee Red Flag - CRF (see website Dem Volke Dienen – Serve the People) that shows a broad ideological and political basis as well as forceful practical advances, corresponding to these principles. However, for some time certain rightist and recalcitrants used this situation of emergence and opportunistically tried to raise “JW” as a “true maoist organization in Germany”. This generous and short-sighted sponsor does not follow any verification of the proletarian principles, but mere political convenience in using this kind of grouping as the tip of the spear to oppose the advancement of the ICM, united under the old cackle of the revisionism of all times of accusing the left of “dogmatism”. Without ever providing any theoretical or practical basis, the “JW” started to attack the CRF with the epithets of “small sect”, “sectarians”, “dogmatics”, “gonzaloists”, etc. The “JW”, in its pursuit of publicity and prominence, accepted the miserable role of a pawn on the board and was thrown by their sponsors into the “Lion´s Den”, while the true responsible for the incident of Berlin keeps complicit silence. For this we consider that the correct understanding, debate and positioning of everyone on this happening is part of the necessary development of the two lines struggle that pit two opposed conceptions and two opposed lines on internationalism against one another and propels the ICM, just in the moment when it advances and struggles for the complete overcoming of the dispersion of forces in it. So this attack is not only an attack against a contingent of revolutionary militants of Berlin, or Germany, which would be a grave fact by itself, but constituted in an attack of the rightist and liquidationist opposition to the struggle for the reunification of the International Communist Movement, as it is irrefutably characterized in facts and shamelessly prevaricated in the statement of its authors. Such happening is on the base of the inevitable and necessary two lines struggle in the ICM, such acts, despite the most grotesque it can be, is not an unthoughtful attitude or rapture of youth facing a sharp divergence and even less an isolated fact. They express ideological-political positions within the ICM that, on the contrary of being based on the proletarian methods and criteria on dealing with the internal contradictions, which is the open and loyal two lines struggle, intend to impose administrative and bureaucratic methods, which like in the case in question, fall into gangsterism practice. Behind such attitudes there are ideological-political conceptions and positions which correspondence in methods is equivalent to the same methods and criteria of the bourgeoisie of free-for-all. So it is necessary to go to the bottom of the question and put on the table its true nature, because it is the dirty method of struggle in service of those who, speaking of marxism-leninism and including maoism oppose to two lines struggle. Unmasking these evil intentions is part of the two lines struggle to clearly mark the red line with revisionism and opportunism. Two conception of internationalism and two opposed lines in the International Communist Movement In the last years the ICM experiences an undeniable and potent re-emergence. This re-emergence is a result of the accumulation of hard two lines struggle in its interior, of the implacable combat to revisionism of the old and new kind, such as avakianism, prachandaism and the Right Opportunist Line in Peru, inseparable from the combat against imperialism, its lackeys and all reaction. Old opportunist and revisionist leaders, as well as their liquidationist complicits are being unmasked and defeated, and Maoism is winning battles to be affirmed as the command and guide of the World Revolution. The persistence and development of People’s Wars in India, Peru, Philippines and Turkey, defeating the successive campaigns of encirclement and annihilation, as well as the so called “peace agreements” and capitulation, are a great source of inspiration and solid pillars of Maoism to defeat revisionism and all opportunism. With the field cleared from the weeds and in the midst of the general crisis of imperialism, throughout the world, through all continents and through a growing number of oppressed and imperialist countries, maoist Parties and organizations flourish and develop while raising the banner of the People’s War. By upholding, defending and applying maoism the dispersion of forces is being overcome through the reunification of communists in the whole world, part by part, a task that today is furnished in the realization of the necessary Unified Maoist International Conference (UMIC) that originates a new International Organization of the Proletariat based and guided by maoism. The V Meeting of marxist-leninist-maoist Parties and Organizations of Latin America, that took place in May 2016, represented a milestone in this process. The parties and organizations that took part in it and others that joined, passed to systematically work for the reunification of the communists in the world, advancing through the impulse of its processes in each country, the campaigns of support to the current People’s Wars, the defense of revolutionary political prisoners and prisoners of war and for the realization of a Unified Maoist International Conference that originates a new International Organization of the Proletariat. Starting from the understanding that the communists do not reduce themselves to hide their goals and purposes and that true unity can not be achieved without hard and persistent two lines struggle, the Parties and Organizations that took part in the V Meeting handed three joint declarations, for debate and position taking, to the ICM: “Thesis on the international situation and the tasks of the International Communist Movement”, “Celebrate the 50 years of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution with People’s War until Communism” and “Resolution of Class Solidarity with the Communist Party of India (maoist) and the People’s War”. In these documents we advanced on the questions of utmost importance for the Proletarian World Revolution, such as the understanding of Maoism as the new, third and superior stage of the development of Marxism, the defense of the necessity of the concentric construction of the three fundamental instruments of revolution, of the militarization of the Communist Parties, the understanding of great leadership and guiding thought of each party and the revolution it struggles and leads - among other contributions of universal validity of Gonzalo Thought. This understanding was exposed in the joint declaration of the V. Meeting, as well as in articles of the issues 1 and 2 of the magazine El Maoista, and in the successive joint declarations of the 1st of May, June 19 (Day of heroism), September 12 (Speech from the jail from Chairman Gonzalo), December 26 (Birth of Chairman Mao) and of the celebration of the 200 years of the birth of the Great Karl Marx, among other documents. These documents were handed over as contributions for the development of the two lines struggle in the ICM and were broadly debated with other Parties of the American continent, by Parties and organizations of Europe who participated in the I. Meeting of maoist Parties and Organizations of Europe, as well as are known by Communist Parties of Asia. We base ourselves on the teachings of Chairman Mao ofpracticing unity and struggle, because struggle without unity is ‘left’ opportunism and unity without struggle is right opportunism. This method corresponds to Marxism - defended and applied by Lenin and Chairman Mao - the one of advocating the active ideological struggle to achieve even greater and more advanced unity, through putting the problems on the table. Even more: Acting in frank and loyal form, and not scheming intrigues and machinations and working for unity and not for splitting, for systematically practicing criticism and self criticism, as it corresponds to the principles of democratic centralism. Those who affirm that the Communist Parties should not express their positions beyond what is “the current unity base”, with the pretext of “preserving unity”, must first tell with whom this “current unity” is with and how was it achieved. Not clearly and objectively answering to this problem is not wanting a true unity based on the maoist principles and conceptions; is the manifestation of conservationism, of resistance to advance and opposition to two lines struggle. This position leads to avoid the class struggle as the base of everything, nourishes the right and, then, a serious rightist deviation. When the defenders of this positions go into a passive resistance attitude to stubbornly act to impede the development of the two lines struggle, they start to play an actively negative role of opposition to the left line and must be harshly combated. As well remarked by the CRF in its declaration on the incident of Berlin while quoting Lenin in his note: “When we speak of fighting opportunism, we must never forget a characteristic feature of present-day opportunism in every sphere, namely, its vagueness, amorphousness, elusiveness. An opportunist, by his very nature, will always evade taking a clear and decisive stand, he will always seek a middle course, he will always wriggle like a snake between two mutually exclusive points of view and try to "agree" with both and reduce his differences of opinion to petty amendments, doubts, innocent and pious suggestions, and so on and so forth.” 4 Just like we manifested once more in the Joint Declaration of the 1st of May this year, we understand that the fundamental ideological and political criteria for the unification of the communists of the world, a task that today is condensed in the necessity of a Unified Maoist International Conference, are: “Therefore, the unity of the communists at the world level demands: 1) defense of Maoism as new, third and superior stage of Marxism, against all kinds of revisionism, old and new, such as the Right Opportunist Lines in Peru, Avakianism and Prachandism, 2) defense of the People’s War as superior military strategy of the class, the Military Line of the Proletariat, center of the General Political Line for the International Communist Movement, as means to realize the new democracy and socialists revolutions, to defeat the Imperialist World War if it is imposed, opposing it with World People’s War.”5 We consider that these three elements, taken as a unity, fundamentally express what the International Communist Movement today is, which means, the demarcation line between Marxism and revisionism. This unity base is a result of hard two lines struggle in the midst of the fire of class struggle, in which the ICM has purged itself from the revisionist and opportunist elements, reaffirming the full validity of Maoism, added the contributions of universal validity provided by the People’s War in Peru and the CPP that leads it and by Gonzalo Thought that guides it. Contributions that come from the affirmation that Maoism is the third, new and superior stage of the development of Marxism and the universal validity of People’s War. Based on these criteria, guided by proletarian internationalism, it is that the Parties and organizations that took part in the V. Meeting, as well as the ones who joined this initiative and campaigns, started to work in a systematic and planned form by the UMIC, waging all the positive factors, uniting all the forces able to be united in order to serve the struggle for the reuenification of the communists, for the reconstitution of the Communist International, a task that today is realized in the struggle for a Unified Maoist International Conference and the founding of a New International Organization of the Proletariat. Since then a series of Meetings and general and regional meetings, world campaigns and actions were made, in a coordinated work in its planning and execution: for the 50 years of the GPCR, in defense of the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo, for the 100 years of the Great Socialist October Revolution, against the imperialist G20 summit in Hamburg and the great Campaign for the 200 years of the great Karl Marx, serving to advance in the reunification of the communists in the whole world. The World Campaign for the 200 years of our great founder Karl Marx under the slogan of “Proletarians of all countries, unite!” was developed in vigorous and coordinated form, showing the vitality and the advance in the unification of the Communists in the world. The actions of the World Campaign for the 200 years of the Great Karl Marx express the great progress of the International Communist Movement. On the 1st of May, throughout the world, in the countryside and in the city, masses marched under the leadership of maoism, upholding the defense of the People’s War. Parties and organizations marched for the first time in decades under a single red flag, under a single slogan, and a single leadership, as part of a single and coordinated action. On May 5, while some were blowing candles, the maoists realized forceful actions throughout the world in the same night and under the same slogan “Proletarians of all countries, unite!” hundreds of red flags of Communism were hoisted in cities and rural zones of dozens of countries, uniting with the heroic combatants of the People’s War in India, Peru, Philippines and Turkey. However, facing the march of the maoist parties for the unification of the communists in the whole world, some recalcitrants based on their eagerness of hegemonism started to oppose this march, making everything to stop it. Those who reject the frank and active ideological struggle and refuse to work collectively with those theydiffer from, like vulgar liberals, advocate the split, preach unity without principles to impose their points of view, advocate and practice then the nefarious hegemonism. This seems to be the attitude of the high leadership of the ILPS, facing the communist movement in Germany and the International Communist Movement. They seems to have “two weights and two balances” [a Brazilian expression used to express that one applies different criteria to similar situations] on what happens in Germany. Like some others who assumefor themselves the role of implacable arbiter, viewing whatever they judge in their criteria to be a show of “sectarianism”, “dogmatism” and “leftism”, now, while viewing a physical aggression against revolutionary activists, from those who acted in the vilest and most repugnant gangster style and until now were referred to as “democratic”, show to be incredibly omissive and indulgent viewing this coward action. For years, the only web page in Germany to actively spread news and support to the People’s War in Philippines was Dem Volke Dienen, without being ever mentioned by the leadership of the ILPS, of the NDF (Democratic National Front – Philippines) or any affiliated organization. But when this same blog published an article in which the author expressed a critic opinion on the “peace agreements” between the NDF and the recently elected government of the genocidal Duterte it was targeted by offensive accusations disguised inoutraged political criticism, published by the spokesman of the NDF on his official website, which immediately started to stigmatize the authors with such criticism as “Internet revolutionaries”, in an absolute form and not presenting greater reason or basisfor this to the German comrades that struggle for revolution in Germany with accusations such as: “If you are engaged in a real revolution and not just in revolutionary phrase-mongering, a favorite past-time of armchair revolutionaries, you can have a realistic assessment of what is achievable at any given time based on the concrete objective and subjective conditions and the balance of forces between revolution and counter-revolution."6 And it keeps affirming: “only infantile petty bourgeois revolutionists or Left ” philistines will reject any thought of reforms just because it does not fit into their narrow dogmatic understanding of Marxism as pure storm and thunder without any place for basic reforms”7 Differently seems to be the adopted criteria toward the “JW” of Berlin. However as soon as they announced a “solidarity” campaign to the People's War in Philippines, after a long visit to the revolutionary bases in the Philippines, they became object of effusive greetings from the high leadership of the ILPS in March 2018. Since then the “JW” of Berlin started to be painted with the most beautiful colors, their components greeted as notable revolutionaries and their grave errors such as the aggressions, denounciations and splits in the revolutionary movement of Germany were conveniently ignored and/or disregarded as such. This indeed is being similar to and in correlation with attitude of the high leadership of ILPS regarding the revolutionary movement in Brazil: not distinguishing between marxism and revisionism, proclaiming unity without principles, friends policy, serving its hegemonism, apart from the policy of spreading split (such as the policy of Avakian and his party in the times of RIM) in the organizations that do not accept their administrative and diplomatic methods on dealing with divergences. The breaking with ILPS by a part of revolutionary democratic organizations of Brazil, together with other organizations of India, Turkey, Greece and others, despite the divergences on the programmatic eclecticism and opportunist practices of the ILPS, were mainly due to the method and working and leading style. And the “last drop” was the summary revocation of mandates, elected in congress, by a convenient majority in its Council, without any discussion on important divergences. For not accepting the continuity of such administrative-bureaucratic methods on dealing with internal contradictions in an organization that defines itself on democratic centralism, such organizations, many of them its co-founders, started to become targets of offenses and cliché shouting of labels such as ultra-leftist, dogmatic and sectarian sects. In Brazil, on the occassion of the emergence of a youth group, among many that emerged in the last years opposing the “left” electioneering opportunism in the management of the old state, our Party openly and sincerely criticized their ideological eclecticism in trying to conciliate marxism with Juche Idea. Althoughtheir main leaderdeclared to be in agreement with the ideology, general political line and program of the C.P.B. (RF) and additional had applied for hisadmittance to the Party through a letter of 20 pages, he limped to support the opportunist government of PT in bankruptcy, under the rota argumentation that those were being attacked by the right. His police of looking for an international sponsor soon became evident, despite the alignment with the revisionist Party of Labor of Korea, he started to call himself Unity of Communist Reconstruction – UCR; for “reconstituting the Communist Party of Brazil” he established contact with ILPS. The high leadership of the ILPS hurried to promote this group as the most high level revolutionary organization of Brazil. In conversations through Internet-Skype with leaders of this group, the leadership of the ILPS attacked the revoluionary-democratic organizations of Brazil, affirming that they would have beenremoved from the ILPS for having sectarian and ultra-leftist positions. Until then it was about divergences, however in the eagerness of offending them, it did not holdits tongue and when, refferring to Cebraspo [Brazilian Center of Solidarity to the Peoples], a legal democratic organization, started to make police-like insinuations, affirming that “the problem with Cebraspo is the party behind it...”, insinuating that this organization would have behind it the C.P.B.(RF). In the end of such conversations, for almost three hours in the Internet, it gave lessons and councils to the new pupils that is necessary to work jointly with the Worker's Party – PT, PCdoB and MST, despite that they themselves agreed that such organizations are revisionist, opportunist and committed to imperialism. The attempts of this URC to launch defamation and unrest among the youth regarding the C.P.B.(RF) only brought them failure, not going beyond what it always was: an eclectic group without any link with the masses. It was like this that they intended to answer the criticism of the German comrades to the “peace agreements” of the NDF with Duertre, or the baseness with which in conversations with other interlocutors, they gratuitously attacked us, affirming that the C.P.B.(RF) is only an Internet group. But long time before these attacks, our party heard for decades these same swearwords of “dogmatic”, “sectarians”, etc., from the trotskyist currents and others from petty-bourgeois socialism of the Worker’s Party-PT, as well as the hardened revisionists of the PCdoB, PCBrazilian and from the Christian-castroist MST. Today these parties are demoralized after being perched for 14 years on the bureaucracy of the old state and its shift government presiding the genocide repression to the masses in struggle. In tatters, demoralized in front of the masses as traitors for their long list of crimes against the people, while the true communists are called by the most combative masses, including those who are freeing themselves from the electioneering misleads they were victims of, demanding revolutionary leadership. This is the same attitude that was taken in Latin America in support to the masses-manipulating populist regimes and its pawn governments in the board of the imperialist contend. The leadership of the ILPS makes efforts not only to regiment all and every revisionist, reformist and opportunist organization, orphans of the failed governments, traitors of the people, some of which are notoriously anti-maoist, as long as they serve their hegemonist interests, but also to stir them against the revolutionary movement and its maoist leadership. The banner of “combat dogmatism” and “orthodoxy”, “combat leftism” and “sectarianism” is not something rare, on the contrary, they are always frequent words when the revolutionary movement suffers defeats, passes through periods of hard difficulties and when the revolutionary situation gains greater development. For this reason the use of such words are no news in the ICM. What the historical experience demonstrates us is that they were never aimed against people from the hue of Bernstein and Kautsky, Trotsky, Khrushchev, Liu and Teng, but against Lenin, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Chiang Ching and Chairman Gonzalo. So, such rejection does not seem neither strange nor surprising considering from where and who they come from. This radical change of mind of the Parties which were “orthodox” before is accompaniedby thetendency to revisionism, like Lenin well observes. Let us remember the miserable Prachanda, when in the beginning of the People’s War in Nepal affirmed “I hate revisionism!”, when his vile treason wasforeshadowed when entering in theinfamous “peace agreements”, he began to advocate that the main danger for the ICM and the proletarian revolution was “dogmatism”. Whos steps did he follow, if not the ones opened by Khrushchev and followed by Liu Shao-Chi and Deng Siao-ping? In the Conference of Communists and Workers Parties of 1957, in Moscow, answering the cackle of Khrushchev that the problem was dogmatism, Chairman Mao, defending the need to combat all kind of deviation, be it right or “left”, categorically discerned affirming that the main danger for the ICM and the proletarian revolution “is still revisionism”. Comrades, The Great Lenin, while opposing social-chauvinism of Kautsky, taught us that true proletarian internationalism for the communists is in that “the interests of the workers movement in a given country, submit to the interests of the world movement for emancipation of the workers in its totality” and Chairman Mao affirmed that: “internationalism is the spirit of communism”. Does a position that does not express such an axoim represent proletarian internationalism and serves the development of revolution in Germany, Brazil, Latin America and the ICM? The Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction) effusively greets the proletarian revolutionary activists and militants of Germany, especially the communists and combatants in formation of the Committee Red Flag who assumed the glorious banner of struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany, honoring it with their actions for the revolution in Germany and in service of the World Revolution. We greet the march of the maoist Parties and Organizations in the world, that through hard two lines struggle in the midst of class struggle against the wind and tide, implacably combating revisionism and opportunism inseparably from the combat against imperialism, its lackeys and all reaction, advancing in all parts of the world, practicing marxism and not revisionism, internationalism and not chauvinism/narrow nationalism, working for unity and not for splitting, for the reunification of the communists and not for their dispersion. We greet the young forces of the proletariat that dare “defy the emperor” with the invincible banners of maoism and the People’s War. We greet the Great World Campaign for the 200 years of the great Karl Marx, a historical campaign that is brilliantly serving to advance maoism and the ICM. We greet very especially the People’s Wars in India, Peru, Philippines and Turkey and the Communist Parties that lead them, holding high, in the midst of uncountable heroism and sacrifices, the red sun of maoism for the exploited and oppressed masses of their countries and of the whole world. In the midst of the deepening of the general crisis of imperialism, in which the revolutionary situation in the world develops unequally, the objective and subjective conditions for a new and powerful impulse to the World Revolution are formidably ripening with the people’s revolts and principally with the heroic persistence of the People’s Wars and the preparation for the initiation of new others. The overcoming of the dispersion of forces will give a leap with the UMIC and the foundation of a New International Organization, this is an inexorable march. Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism principally Maoism and the contributions of universal validity of Gonzalo Thought! Death to revisionism of the old and new kind and all opportunism! For the Unified Maoist International Conference! Down with imperialist war! Long live the invincible People’s War! Long live the Great Karl Marx and his immortal work! Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction) Central Committee Brazil, June 2018 1 Committee Red Flag, Our solution is: Proletarians of all countries, unite! And our war cry is: rebellion is justified! Death to revisionism! 3 Committee Red Flag, Our solution is: Proletarians of all countries, unite! And our war cry is: rebellion is justified! Death to revisionism! 4 Lenin, one step forward, two steps back. 5 Joint declaration of maoist Parties and Organizations on the occasion of the First of May of 2018 - “Proletarians of all countries, unite!” 6 http://www.nd/ 7 idem

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