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HAITI - Militant protests against fuel-price increment

In Haiti thousands of people went to the street and protested against a new increment of the fuel price. The Government declared on Friday that the fuel price will rise up about 50%. This attack on the people's living condition is one part of a bigger package, which was commanded by the IWF.

Immediately after the announcement the people of Haiti joined together in the streets. Just in the capital, Port-au-Prince 10.000 rebelled against the increment. Determined they build barricades at the most important points of the infrastructure. The hole traffic was paralyzed.

The US-marionettes in the government couldn't control the rebellion, they shot with deadly munition into the barricades and killed at least three persons. But this could not minimize the people's determination and the struggle is going on.

On Saturday evening the President Moise withdraw the increment, and begged the people to go home, but until now the struggle is going on. In the whole country the masses rebel against the US-guided government and struggle for their rights.

It's right to rebel!

#Haiti #Protests #rebellion

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